I feel I've stepped into a larger world...

This is my first time eating raw cookie dough due to my PMS (or PMT across the pond). I typically down a bag of potato chips or a gallon of ice cream, but today I saw the cookie dough and scarfed it.

[Halle Berry]This moment is so much bigger than I…[/Halle]

'Nuff talking. Share, girlie! :wink:

[sub]The cookie dough, not the PMS.[/sub]

::hands a square of break’n’bake to Q.E.D…well, more of a break’n’eat::


Glad to see that you’ve succumbed to the cravings. Let it go and munch away, sweetie. It’s worth it.

(Should someone warn BuckleberryFerry of the ramifications of eating raw cookie dough and what it does to ones’ digestive system?)

(or maybe it’s just me…)

Anything is worth raw cookie dough. I almost enjoy the dough more than the cookies. Well, I’d put it about equal.

I really have no life. I’m debating how much I like cookie dough with cookies. But it gives me something to eat if I get depressed about it!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, raw eggs, Sal Monella will infect me (really, he needs to get a life) etc etc.

Let me PMS in peace. :wink:

Wait a minute, does this mean you have never tried THE FOOD OF THE GOD’S, a.k.a. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

I have, Amp, just not in correlation with PMS. Yummerz.

Just make sure you practice safe dough: use pasteurized eggs.

Iwas just gonna ask something along those lines, ethilrist. There IS such a thing as pasteurized eggs? If so, i’d create raw cookie dough to eat it all, raw! it tastes sooooooooo much better than actual cookies. In fact, i think its the second best thing i’ve ever eaten, aside from oriental ginger-dressing garden salad.