I feel old.

I just realized that all of the music I listen to is over 20 years old. Not some, not most, but ALL.

I feel old:(

Me too.

Dude, I consider Metallica a new band. Most of the stuff I like is 30+ years old.

So stay off my lawn. :smiley:

I started this thread to help oldish farts out, mostly because I’m sick to death of hearing Boomers talking about how there hasn’t been any good music made since 1979. Stephen Fry said something on Craig Ferguson’s show last week that summed this up perfectly - it isn’t that everything from the 70’s and 80’s was better, it’s that YOU were better. People in their 50s and 60s now are recalling how golden their young adulthood was, and conflating that with the things they enjoyed then.

I would have to guess that all of mine is as well.

Are you meaning that the particular recordings are that old? Or the music itself as in when it was written?

Most of the music I hear these days is either on the radio or on YouTube. I would guess at least half of it is as recent as the past five years. That’s in terms of the performance. It wouldn’t surprise me if the tunes and songs themselves might be way older than that.

There was a period from about 1995 to 2005 when I couldn’t stand anything on Top 40 radio. Shockingly, there are quite a few hit songs right now that I actually like. I think the style has reverted some to the kind of music that was big when I was growing up in the 70s.

There are any number of songs and artists on the list I linked to that could have been straight out of the 70s or 80s. The Killers, The Strokes, Maroon 5, Amy Winehouse, Duffy - all very retro styles.

Today, I was teaching a class of upper-division college students (juniors and seniors, 20 and 21).

I referenced ‘the Soviet bloc’.

None of them knew what I was talking about.

I feel old.

Hmmph, as far as I am concerned, there has not been any good music since the 30s and 40s. See how badly that dates me.

Rap broke all the rules. It is anti music.

I still think of U2 as “that new band”.

Today a store clerk asked me if I qualified for the senior discount–made me want to jump the counter and slap her

I’m the same way, but I think it’s really the music that’s to blame. The music is all garbage now. It’s all too electronic and too over produced. No one can play an instrument. They all use autotuners. All rap sucks without exception. The last band I ever really got into was Nirvana, and that was close to 20 years ago. There hasn’t been a good band since. All there is is lip-synching dancers, douchey Christian boy bands, woman beating rappers, self-indulgent R&B bilge, Plastic American Idol robots, and fucking pop country. Lemmy Kilmeister walks all over and all current acts. Why should I buy anything new? If they want to top sucking then maybe I’ll listen.

I’m in my 20’s but I’ve felt old since hiphop and electronic-pop stuff replaced rock music. I’ve bought little new popular music in many years. I don’t like the stuff on the radio.

Dude. Electronic music has been here for ages. this was 1977. this was 1988, and so was this.

This was 1968 - and this is 1960~1963.

You feel old? hah! I feel old and everyone at work calls me “grandpa”. I’m only 45. (46 in 3 weeks more or less.)

…and I’m the oldest person in my unit. sigh. There are a few people one or two years younger than I am…but I win the old guy pool.

Youth is so wasted on the young, myself included in all of that. But thats a “if I knew then what I knew then” kinda thing.

I don’t think it’s that new music is bad, so much as the new mediums enable absolutely ANYONE to broadcast whatever they want…and it’s not all good. More production companies, more outlets; it’s probably not as hard to be famous for five minutes as it was.

Then again, I will assume that for every Beatles song played in the 60’s, there were at least 10 other bands that sucked arse that we just don’t hear about anymore, so…maybe it’s just that we choose to remember the good stuff, and willfully, happily relegate the memories of the crappy stuff to the mental garbage bin, and burn them off in an alcoholic haze.

Most of my coworkers look at me funny when I mention a song I like. But my kids don’t. They like my music. That makes me happy.

I am hardly an afficionado of current music, but this is a rant without substance. I am 37, so I went through the hair metal, Debbie Gibson, I had my share of Styx, Journey and Foreigner. Calling today’s music overproduced and meaningless next to that is nonsense. If anything there is more room for a wider range of styles to be heard now than there ever was before.

Bands like Wilco, Feist, Outkast and even Amy Winehouse represent a pretty amazing range of quality music.