I feel so dirty

Just watched The Shootist, John Wayne’s last movie. Not a masterpiece. But the 22-year-old Ron Howard was HOT! I’ve had a crotch-melting crush on RH since my preteen years.

Who have you had the hots for that you’re not *supposed * to have the hots for?

I am expecting a number of confessions about cartoon characters in this thread.

Not from me of course.

You perverts.

Well, as long as it’s not HIS preteen years…

Well the list of cartoon characters I lust over is long ( :stuck_out_tongue: Muad’Dib), so I’ll skip that…and go to a fairly strange one.

Voice acress Tara Strong. She’s a talented VA, and several of her voices (Rikku and Raven specifically) make me absolutely melt. (This gets a little strange when you consider she also does Timmy Turner and Dil Pickles…)

She’s also pretty cute, now that I’ve seen a picture of her, but I developed a thing for her long before ever seeing her.

Anyone remember the X-Men cartoon from the 90’s? I always thought Gambit was kinda hot. :o
Oh, and Ralph Finnes in Schindler’s List. I know he was an evil evil man, but damn, he’s sexy.

Shippo, the diminutive fox demon on Inuyasha.

I refuse to say any more on the matter.

I was quite a strange kid, and I seem to remember at different times having crushes on each member of Hogan’s Heroes. (Just the good guys, though, not the Nazis!)

And, Speed Racer, but that’s not so strange (is it?)

Ritchie Blackmore. I think it’s the way he plays guitar. His guitar work has a way of wrapping itself around my cerebral cortex, slithering down my spine then running a finger up the inside of my leg…

Yep. Ritchie Blackmore, who is not the world’s most attractive male human being, really trips my trigger. The guy just makes me hot.

And I usually go for bass players.

Anyhoo, just because Maud’Dib would find it amusing, when I was about nine, I had a real thing for Thor.

well, it’s kinda tough not to take notice of Raven (“That’s So…”)- Wowsa!

As for cartoon characters, I always thought Wilma Flintstone was hot. I don’t hold out much hope for anything developing between us though as I doubt she would ever leave Fred.

Nope, not a thread about cartoon characters.

I even had a crush on Mr. Rogers when I was way too young to have a crush on anyone.

Um, well, I’ve had major crushes on… video game characters. Specifically, the male “romantic possibility” characters from Bioware’s RPG games - Carth Onasi from Knights of the Old Republic, Valen Shadowbreath from Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, and Aarin Gend from the original Neverwinter Nights. That all three had nice voices didn’t hurt, either. I wear headphones when playing, and hearing that voice right in your ear is just, mm, lovely. Bioware, I hope you paid those voice actors well.

I have a remarkable crush on the voice of the guy who portrays Ohta on the American redubbed episodes of “Iron Chef.” The way he says “Fukai-san!” gives me the shivers. The good kind of shivers.

Besides, she’s no Judy Jetson.* :smiley:

*If you’re going to quote Rimmer on the subject of Wilma Flintstone, I’m going to quote Richard Jeni.

I’m pretty straight, but I’d do Betty Rubble…if such a thing was possible, of course…I guess she would be pretty old by now anyway…

And on the show Daria…her best friend’s brother…whatever his name was…he was damn sexy.

thinks hard…there has got to be a non-cartoon character I have had a crush on…

Ooh I know–I never watched Happy Days, but when I did it was to look at the red head that wasn’t Opie–I mean Ron Howard. Don’t know his name either (Ralphie or something?) but he was a cutie.

Hilary Duff is 16 and I am 22 and have an unabashed infatuation with her. Not enough to watch her movies but I’m still enamored.

Does B’ellana Torres (half-Klingon engineer from Star Trek: Voyager) count if I’m not especially attracted to Roxann Dawson, the actress playing her? How about Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys? I’ve never known anyone to think she was hot but I’ve really started loving her recently.

I think Hilary Clinton is attactive. As is Laura Bush. I’m not infatuated with either though.

That would be Donnie Most, playing Ralph Malph.

I always thought Potsie was kind of cute, can’t remember the name of the guy who played him…

Oh, yes.

In the thread about lesbian stand-up comics, I was going to mention my bottomless infatuation with Judy Gold, who is unavailable to me for so many, many reason, the absolute least of which being the fact that she’s a lesbian. She’s also, as far as lesbian stand-ups go, neither the most attractive nor the funniest. I mean, she’s no Ellen DeGeneris. But, Judy’s my girl. At least she actually exsists, which means I’ve got that much more of a chance with her than, say, legion does with Wilma Flintstone.

Anson Williams, he with the almost-as-surprising-as-Jim-Neighbors singing voice.

:smack: I meant to say Lister rather than Rimmer.