I feel sorry for my mom...

My grandfather gave my mom his wedding band when she was 13. It was too small for him, so he gave it to her for luck. She used to wear it on a chain around her neck, then she wore it on her finger with a larger ring in front of it to keep it from slipping off. My mom’s fifty now, and has worn it since he gave it to her.
Friday, she moved it to her thumb because she wasn’t wearing the right ring to keep it anchored. Yesterday, we attended a wedding, and she didn’t wear it. This afternoon, she realized it was gone.
We began searching the house wherever a ring could hide. I don’t know if anyone dug throught the garbage, but that would be the only stone left unturned. My dad tried calling the store they visited on Friday, but she would have dropped it in the parking lot. No one really expected it would have been turned in anyway. My mom was crushed. There was nothing to say to console her. My grandparents assured her it was just a ring, but that doesn’t make up for the pain of losing something one’s had for almost forty years. To top it all of, she lost it on my grandparent’s anniversary.
As the subject line says, I feel sorry for my mom. If I thought I could find a ring in the right color and size, I would buy it for her and claim to have found it, just to make her feel better.

When my mom’s parents married they were too poor for a proper engagement ring, so on their 50th Christmas together grampa bought gramma a 1/2 carat diamond.

Last summer I walked stopped in to visit my grandparents and my grandmother was sobbing. While doing yardwork or gardening or whatever she had lost the stone.

I know exactly how you feel, Ballybay :frowning: