I fell really hard on my head today

I had the worst fall of my life today. I tripped in the subway, and the next thing I knew, I had hit my head really hard on the floor and my legs were in great pain too. Luckily, some bystanders helped me and tried to calm me down until the ambulance came. It was scary when I started seeing multicoloured zigzags, and I got a little panicky, but soon the ambulance came.

I was taken to a nearby hospital. They looked at my head and my leg and X-rayed my leg, but I don’t have a concussion, and my leg wasn’t broken.

I’m home now. I have a headache, my knee really hurts and is bandaged and I think it’s still bleeding, and all of my muscles ache too. I won’t be able to do the things I’d planned for the next few days. But hey, I’m alive.

Sounds like you were lucky, EmilyG. Be gentle with yourself for a few days as you’ll probably have a lot of new aches and pains. I’m glad there were people to help you. Take care.

Take care Emily. How do they know you don’t have a concussion? I thought these injuries were difficult to diagnose at the best of times.

IANAD I’ve had a pretty bad concussion. It wasn’t diagnosed correctly. If you start feeling sick to your stomach get to a doctor, and don’t fall asleep. This a sign of a concussion.

Well, I don’t think I’m in danger of falling asleep. I thought I might have a concussion, but the doctors did some tests and said I didn’t.

What I’m worried about is possible missing two really important music rehearsals on Thursday and Friday. I already contacted my orchestra conductors and they said to stay home, but I was wondering if I should go anyway even if I can’t play the music.

I had that happen yesterday. Dropping my daughter off for school. Slipped on some ice, wiped out and smacked my head on the asphalt. When I got back up I wanted to tell the people that saw me that I know they could see me and it would have been really nice if they would have come over to check on me. Afterwards I walked into the school, into the office and let them know what happened. Gave them my name, told them I hit my head, shoulder and wrist on the asphalt and told them that it’s because they don’t salt. They said “Oh I know, let me give you the number for the district, you should call them (to tell them to do a better job salting)” at which point I cut her off and said (very nicely) “I’m not going to call them, you call them, about a month ago I stopped in here and told you how icy it was and that’s the same thing you said then too, in fact we all sat around and talked about how bad the ice is here and how it never gets salted”. I know she’s just trying to get more parents to call and complain, but how about she calls them know and tells them what happened.

As I’m walking out of the office, the principal is walking in and she tells him what happened. I asked him why he never salts and he said “sure we do” “No, no you don’t, my daughter has been here for four years, I think I’ve seen salt on the ground (literally) 3 or 4 times, in fact, you have all the kids come in the front door and have indoor recess if it’s too icy because there’s a small slope to get around to the back” His response to that was “we do salt, do you want to see” I thought about taking him up on it because I knew there wasn’t any salt out there, but I didn’t want him to find a little bit and say “SEE!” also, if I ended up being ‘injured’ I didn’t want there to be any proof that I saw salt on the ground so I just said “No, I really don’t want to walk back out there to look at salt, if you do salt it’s clearly not being done well enough” and I know other parents/teachers/admin staff can back me up on that. Besides, I felt like crap, my arm hurt and my head was pounding.

I had a shitty headache for the rest of the day, woke up with nothing more then a very sore shoulder. What bugged me more then anything is that I didn’t get a call later in the day. It would have been nice for them to make sure I was okay and not, say, sitting at home drifting in and out of consciousness or on the phone with a lawyer. Even a call from their insurance agent would have been nice. Something to show that they actually heard me.

Tomorrow will be the first time I pick up my daughter again, we’ll see if the principal comes up to me…or if they’ve since salted.

Also, regarding not falling asleep. You can fall asleep with a concussion. Consider that an old wives tale. Some doctors will recommend making sure you can (fully) wake the person up every few hours, but most will say that rest is far better the forcing the person to stay away. Yes, being tired is a sign of a concussion, but you don’t have to fight it, you’re allowed to sleep, you won’t die.

Wow, I hope you’ll be okay, Joey P.

I’m thinking of trying to go to bed soon. With all the pain I’m in, I don’t know how easy it’ll be to sleep (plus they gave me a tetanus shot.) But I’ll see.

Just know that a bunch of us are pulling for you to be fine.

Smooth sailing!

OWIE!!! I’m glad that you are mostly OK, EmilyG.

Joey P usually, I’m a pretty laid back person, but I’d be seriously ticked off if that happened to me. I’m not one to think “lawyer up” when an honest accident happens, but they should have shown some concern. Kids are used to falling over and they are lighter. Adults can’t take the same sort of fall and just jump up and run off to play.

I hope you feel better soon.

Feel better soon, Midget.

Funny thing about that. When I was ranting at the principal, I did toss in “Oh and kid slipped on the ice too” Of course the kid kinda deserved it, sort of, he came running off the snow, over a snowbank and down on to the asphalt. Granted, if there wasn’t ice he wouldn’t have slipped, but at some point kids have to learn not to run on asphalt in winter. Also, kinds bounce, grownups don’t.

I did at some point when I was all wound up mention that I’m already looking at surgery for my other shoulder for fall at work and “I hope I’m not going to need it on this shoulder too”. But these were two very different falls. I’d need to be in the kind of pain I’m right now for at least a week, maybe two before I’d even think about seeking medical attention for it. I know that school is full of cameras, I hope they caught it and save it. They’ll not only be able to see wasn’t doing anything stupid, but probably even be able to see how carefully I was walking because of how much ice there is around there.

Also, no, I’m not going to lawyer up, but if I would require any kind of medical attention I would fully expect the school’s insurance to pay for it. At my work we do that all the time. If someone tells us they’ve slipped on the ice (or even tripped on their own shoelaces) we send off their contact info to our insurance information along with any additional information that we have and let them hash it out. Most of the time we don’t even know what becomes of it. But it’s my understanding that our insurance broker calls them within a few hours to see what’s going on. This is half the reason I walked in and told them right away what happened. The other half is because they need to salt, I told them about it quite a while ago as well. I’ve seen kids fall and while kids are resilient, sooner or later someone’s going to go down hard and break a bone or crack a skull or knock a tooth out.

I really hate places that don’t salt. I commute daily through a small township that puts down sand. The roads in the city are usually down to water or totally dry. But the township roads are still coated in snow and slush (and sand) until a warm sunny day takes care of it. I’ve seen three cars off the road this winter already–and this is a pretty rural road. It’s a damn outrage.

Anyway, you should have gone to the doctor afterward and sent them the bill. Not to mention, a letter to the school from an attorney and a letter to your local newspaper might sort this situation right out. Nobody in administration cares what a secretary has to say. They would care a lot more if the message came from you. The same goes for your concerns at a retail establishment. Upper management doesn’t care if a cashier relays your concerns to them. They do care more (which isn’t to say they care a lot, but whatever) if you relay your concerns directly.

A)Who’s going to pay for the doctor if the school chooses not to? What I was hoping for is the school or an insurance company to call and say “If you think you’re hurt go ahead and see a doctor, we’ll cover it, here’s a claim number”.
B)Who’s going to pay for the attorney? (Me.)
C)I run a small business, I can tell you that we certainly do listen to comments that the cashier relays to us. At a big business they might not, but a small business they usually do.

Betcha his parking space is well salted.

Sounds like horrible falls, EmilyG and Joey P! Glad you’re both going to be ok.

I’m staying home from work today. My head seems actually not that bad, considering I fell on it. My knee/leg still hurts. What’s worrying me a little is the fact that, well, I hurt all over, but the left side of my ribcage is hurting quite a bit. I think I’ll stay home and try to let it heal instead of going to the doctor. I hope I’ll be okay.

I’ll try to see if I can go to work tomorrow. Thankfully, the bus I take there was recently made longer, so there are more seats, so I’ll probably at least get a seat.

If you only get medical treatment because someone else is going to pay for it, the argument will be that you don’t really need it. So go to the doctor and worry about who’ll pay for it later.

I used to work at an insurance company. The school might not file a claim unless you contact them telling them you got medical treatment. Alternatively, they could be self-insured for small claims. They might also handle claims that don’t exceed their deductible in-house, to prevent their premiums from increasing.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that every business is run like yours.

Yep, here’s to a spring that is better than your fall.

You will be – you’re just a bit bruised and battered right now. Betcha you end up with some lovely Technicolor marks! Also, I’m glad you decided to stay home and rest up today. Stay inside so you don’t slip and fall again!!!

The entire city of Calgary is covered in a thick layer of ice, and there is no salt available any longer since it is all used up. Now today, all that ice is covered in a thin layer of snow, so I can no longer see where the ice is. I’ve had to stop walking outside because of it.

I had a point when I started typing that - oh yeah, I’m really lucky I haven’t fallen yet, too. Best wishes for both of you to heal up good and fast. :slight_smile:

(They were talking about all the ice on the news yesterday, and this…lady was telling the reporter how her husband has a bad back, so they can’t take care of the ice on her sidewalk. You know how other people get bad backs? Slipping and falling on your ice. :mad: )