I Figured An Intro Would Be Frivolous...

So I’ll post it here, even though I’m sure I’m in the wrong forum for doing so.

I go by Endless Flight on several forums that I participate in, but I go by Jason in the real world.


How I found my way here: I found this site perusing Google, looking for information about Prescott Bush and Nazis. “Why are you looking for that information?” you ask? I’m trying to debunk a friend on another message board who believes George W. Bush is the antichrist and that his family is responsible for everything from 9/11 to Kennedy’s assassination to the Nazi War Machine. :rolleyes:

A Little About Me: I just turned 33, been married for almost four years, have a three year old little red headed gal who’s the greatest daughter ever, two finicky cats, and I live in New Hampshire, where you don’t have to pay a dime in state income tax. But they get you in other ways.

I love to listen to music, love to read theology and philosophy, watch sports, go to the movies, play games online, blah blah blah. I hate doing yardwork, but that’s not a problem, since I live in a condo.

I’m a socially conservative Republican, a Christian, and a seeker of truth and wisdom on the internet, which is quite a monumental task. My personal heroes are my father, Jesus Christ, George Lucas, Brian Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Howard, Albert Einstein, Barry Sanders, Andre Dawson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and many, many others that I’m too forgetful to mention.

This place appears more ‘normal’ than most, which makes me nervous. I’m glad to be here, and I’ll get that subscription real soon. Who knows, I may click that little button by the end of the night, just before my Lakers come on.

Peace everyone. :smiley:


Nice to meet you.

You too pravnik!


Welcome to the SDMB, and compliments on the cool username, Endless Flight. :slight_smile:

First impressions can be misleading you know.

Run now, while you still can. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are worse places to fritter away your life! :smiley: Welcome to our sandbox!

Thanks Ice Wolf.

I won’t claim originality when it comes to the name. I nicked it from DC Comics. :smiley:

Welcome to the SDMB Endless Flight!! Congrats on the little red head and the four years running. You’ll find many family types and cat lovers here as well. All truely great stuff.
Be warned though. The Right-leaning, conservative, Christian types often get more than their share of friction around here. However, I feel there are far too few and I hope to see you make the leap into membership.
Then there will be no hope for you.
Welcome :smiley:

Welcome aboard, but I feel I should warn you – I’m pretty sure the mods are looking to make talking about cats or kids (but especially cats) without linking to a photo a bannable offense.
Now then, if you’ll kindly step onto the large red “X” on the floor over there, we can give you a…proper greeting.

I’ll get right on that. I’ve got to find an extra sweet pic of the two felines first.

Welcome Endless Flight.

You seem quite promising.

One small piece of advice, though…whatever you do, don’t mention Sheep to Hal Briston. :smiley:

Trust me on this one.

I’m a conservative Christian, but I have had far more athiest, agnostic and socially liberal friends on the internet the last ten years than anybody similar to myself, so I think I’ll fit right in.

It might be like walking into a hornet’s nest, but I’ll take that chance. :smiley:

Welcome. Hornets are our friends. Please use the hand rails. Keep all extremities inside tha car at all times. You must be [sup]this[/sup] tall to ride. Enjoy your stay. We’ll be right back after these messages.

Welcome to the Straight Dope. Enjoy your stay.


A social conservative who Googles for facts to back up arguments and who seeks truth and wisdom is going to fit in fine. (The ones who don’t are the ones who have never really been in an environment where their perspectives did not form the overwhelming majority-backdrop. And lemminglike lefties who are accustomed to preaching to the choir get their asses handed to them in this place, too, btw).

Welcome to the most addictive website in cyberspace :slight_smile:

A hornet’s nest you definitely are walking into, but I enjoy other peoples’ well-formed opinions and want to extend a welcome to you as well.

This site is like crack. For cerial. You won’t get it at first, but give it a couple weeks.
I won’t link to the offending thread. I’ll leave that for someone else to do.
And yes, Hal Briston and sheep have a long legacy. Something a churchgoing, god-fearing man like you would have absolutely NO interest in, right?

Are you into the mundane? Got any favorite tv shows or movies you want to talk about? Got something you want an opinion on?

For some fun debates about all things religion and politics, I highly recommend the Great Debates thread, as I’m sure you’ve already perused.

Welcome, Endless Flight!

This is pretty much what I would like to say too. The Dope is one of the best training grounds for thinking that I have ever enountered. And I have learned far more about US politics (and Canadian politics, for that matter), religion, poitics, world events, even obscure technical things like how to clean vinyl recordings, that I ever did in most places elsewhere.

This does mean that, for best results, users have to be able to look at, and respond to, other arguments than their own. (Agreeing, of course, is entirely optional. :slight_smile: ) Emotional response masquerading as rational argument does not fare well, especially in Great Debates. On the other hand, emotional response is what the Pit is for.

Be prepared to provide sources for factual arguments.

The moderators here do a great (and underappreciated) job, in general. For the past few years, I’ve been considering setting up discussion boards on my website, and every time I’ve rejected the idea because I know that I don’t have the resources to moderate them as I’d prefer: to moderate them like this place.

Somewhere around here there is a thread containing descriptions of all the running injokes with which this place abounds.

Now if you would come this way, we have a welcoming banquet in Room Two just down the corridor…

Welcome aboard!

As mentioned, you will find yourself in a minority when it comes to political leanings. You may get heckled by some, but the majority of us will appreciate you sticking around, and sharing your viewpoint. And your pie.

Google is one of my best friends after the last two years or so.

I have to, because I hate not backing up the facts I present.

I can tell it’s addictive here already. :slight_smile:

Almost to a fault.