I forgot how to network my laptop w/my desktop.

I have an old HP with XP Professional. I have a new hp laptop, with Windows 7. I want to print a doc. that I have on the laptop. So, I forgot how to network the two. I have a WRT 54g wireless router. In truth, it seems like there are two or three names, and I don’t know for sure what my network is named. So, can you help me get a hookup going?

on the old XP pc right click on My Computer, properties and click the computer name tab.

you’ll see the computer name and workgroup name. It’s unlikely you have a domain, unless you’re running a server.

These days, most home routers support DHCP. There’s really nothing to enter anymore. The ip, gateway etc. are entered by DHCP

on XP right click Network Places, properties top of the left panel is Create A New Connection
the wizard will guide you. Make certain you use DHCP

I’d hope Win 7 works the same.

I always get networking setup first plugged into the Router. Then, I unplug and get my wireless setup.

FAIK they still include LAN cards in all new pc’s. I wouldn’t buy one without a LAN card and a wireless connection.

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