I forgot to get sick today.

So my birthday is Thursday. Normally, this is cause for celebration and the day when people give me pretty things. But this year, I turn 23, which is the year I cease to be eligible for benefits from my father’s army retirement. No more medical or dental insurance. Luckily, I am so dirt poor that I can get on state medical in about three weeks. But no dental insurance. This makes me sad. On the up side, I will officially be an adult as far as grants and loans are concerned, which means more money for school. But frankly, officially being an adult also makes me a little sad.

Anyhoo, this is more than a public announcement of my birthday. It’s me mourning the irresponciblity of childhood. I don’t wanna be an adult!

Happy Birthday!

I remember the sad day I could no longer visit the PX on base…cigarettes were so much cheaper!

Yeah Happy Birthday Swiddles - still one of my favorite posters. Sorry to hear about the bennies situation, when this happened to me I went to my doctors and got them to write some rather large prescriptions which I filled at the last moment Helped in the short term at least.

I wouldn’t sweat “becoming an adult” too much. I know people who are older than you who I don’t think are adults yet.

Also don’t do what I did . . . spend your entire 25th year of life freakin out about being so close to 30.

23 is a damn good age. Enjoy.
Cheers !

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Heck, I’m 29 and still not freaking about being close to 30.
But happy birthday! Come join the ranks of the uninsured students of America! (Just like me!)