I found $33 in my checking account...

…and I’m going to blow it all at Fox & Hound tonight playing pool and drinking $2 pints of Harp lager. And there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do to stop me!

So There! :cool:

In Denver? The one at C-470 & Yosemite. I’ve got a dark purple long-sleeved shirt on.

$2 pints of Harp?! WHERE?

Fox & Hound I think.

Yeah, I’m back. Had 3 pints, 2 hours of pool at $8/hour and some munchies for $6.50. And a $5 tip to the waitrix 'cuz she was real perty and seemed to enjoy her job.

Ho hum…time for nachos & Trainspotting…unless S----- calls. :slight_smile: