I found a Le Creuset Dutch Oven for $2.99!

It’s missing the lid, but hey! It’s the first Le Creuset pot I’ve ever owned, and most likely the last. Hurrah! $2.99 for a heavy round Dutch oven with (I think) no chips on the enamel. And I could have gotten two items for the price of one, if only I had found some other bric-a-brac I had liked at that thrift store.

I’ll have to see once I’ve cooked a few things if I’ll be keeping this, or selling it for a 2000% profit. :slight_smile:

Are you gonna find :dubious: the cover next week? :stuck_out_tongue:

How exactly does one use a dutch oven w/o a lid? Doesn’t it just become an overly-heavy pot for boiling things, then?

Aluminium foil could be used in place of an actual lid.

I use my gigantic LC oval dutch oven without the lid on to roast legs of lamb with veg under 'em. Works a treat.

Wow! What an awesome find! Even w/o the lid it’s totally useful. What color?

It’s brown with a cream color inside (unfortunately, I wish it were flame or blue or one of those nice bright colors–that probably accounts for it still being at the thrift store!)

There are plenty of things you can do with a Dutch oven without a lid or with tin foil on top. I roast things in the oven all the time in cast-iron pots without the cover on.

That is awesome…you will love it. We use ours ALL the time, and we want to get a bigger one (like the big ol’ 9-quart one), but can’t bring ourselves to spend the $$$.

I could have given you a Dutch Oven for free, you know.

[sub]come on, you knew it was coming sooner or later[/sub]

I’ve got a lid I’ll sell you for $300.00.