I found a picture of Bill Watterson


I always imagined him as looking like Calvin’s dad.

And whaddayaknow? Take away the moustache . . .

That’s a neat site.

Keep the moustache. It’s Uncle Max!

I found the interview more interesting than the picture. Specifically, the comments about Peanuts and Charles Schultz, considering how opposite their views were concerning the profession of cartooning. I also had to smile sadly at the comment about doing the strip forever.

I’ve been cartooning all my life. Just for fun…not for money.

When I was much younger, my mother would take me to various lectures by famous cartoonists, cartoon conventions, etc. One was held at The Ohio State University. We got there late, and, according to the printed schedule, Bill Watterson had just finished speaking. We ran to the room, peeked inside, but Bill had already left. As I dejectedly moped outside the room, I looked up and saw Bill walking down the hall and out the door.

I only saw the back of Mr. Watterson’s head and I was excited!

Holy frijoles! It looks like R. Crumb!

My boyfriend went to the same college as Watterson – but he’s never done any speaking engagements there. What the hell?

Anyway, legend at Kenyon has it that he drew and painted a huge mural all over his dorm room ceiling. And the janitorial staff painted it over. Blasphemy!

Wow. That really is a good interview. Thanks, Hoops!

I had no idea he lived in Ohio - and 45 minutes away from where I used to live.


I could have searched him out.

At least now we know why they’re not running reruns of the strip


I always imagined he’d look sorta like Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s, not that. His mother was on the city council and he majored in poli sci, sort of explains a few things.