I found an iPod on the road today - any chance it still works?

Update: It’s actually an iTouch.

So a flash drive, rather than an HD unit.

Pick up the usb cable for the device or borrow one from someone, they are not that expensive. If you dont already have it, download itunes and launch the program. Before connecting the touch to the usb port, check off auto sync and make sure that its a blank box.

If the device picks up , you should see whats loaded on the drive. You mentioned that the screen is busted, the apple genius guy that replaced my iphone screen under warranty told me that it was 250.00 out of warranty, however there are places that you should be able to find that repair them for cheaper.

It willl either work , sorta work or not at all, how much to repair if itunes can open it , is what would justify keeping it.


Which we already knew, as the OP says it’s an 8GB iPod.

Hmm, trying to plug my iPod cable in, I think I’ve answered my own question - the case is too bent to allow the connector to go in. Oh well.

If you want an iPod for cheap and you’re not hung up on all the bells and whistles they come with now, hit eBay and look for a 4th generation classic. They have a 20GB HDD and they’re worth next to nothing because they were the last iPod without a colour screen. I’ve seen them from $5 to about $30.

Well, that’s good to know - I don’t see myself putting any money into this iTouch (I was hoping for a free one - I have an iPod and my husband has an iTouch already).