I Gave My Love A Hickey

Alas she won’t notice it till she fixes her last-minute look in the mirror before she goes to work, curses my name and screams for a band-aid.



Sure do love her, though!:wink:


I thought this would be like that old folk song: I gave my love a hickey that had no stone…

Lol, Quasi, maybe she’ll sport it with pride, to show that relations don’t HAVE to end just because you get married :smiley:

And the link IS to that song, which is exactly what I thought about as well, when I saw the title. Which means Quasi did a great job of titling. :smiley:

CHeck the link.

Which is also what I though of immediately.

Me too.

I bet she whoops your butt, though, Bill LOL

She can always use that time honored excuse that she tripped and hit her neck on a doorknob. Everybody always believes that. Right? :smiley: