"I get a 1000 hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs..."

How the fuck does that work, OwlCity? That’s 1/10 of a hug per lightning bug, dumbass. How does that work?

I wouldn’t snark on their math before you take a look at your grammar there, buddy boy. Just sayin’.

Also, he might get a thousand hugs from each lightning bug. Which might take a while.

Where is the mistake in my grammar?

Grammar’s impeccable, as far as I can tell. Your observation, OTOH, needs work. 10,000 lightning bugs form a sort of swarm, and as a swarm can collectively surround a human and deliver a “hug” that a single bug can’t. This fellow, apparently, received 1000 such embraces.

The lightning bugs, they dig him.

Ah! That does make sense. The lightning bugs are acting as a collective!

Nobody else is ooged out by using an article with Arabic numbers? It just always gives me some sort of willies.

Kind of like being hug-attacked by a bunch of insects, now that I think about it.

I always assumed that the lightning bugs are so tiny it takes 10 of them to equal one hug.

If you want to complain about current pop lyrics how about “boys keep coming up to us because they know we got swagger, but we kick them to the curve unless they look like Mick Jagger”. Wow, someone needs to introduce that poor girl to google image search.

“A 1000” looks wrong to me. Surely it’s “a thousand” or “1,000”.

Yes, you are both correct. I suppose I used numbers because I was making a point about mathematics.

Maybe she got advice from the guy who wrote this little gem for Train’s Hey, Soul Sister:

Besides, who else rhymes with “swagger?”. Merle Haggard? Officer Taggert from Beverly Hills Cop? The poor girl needed to finish a rhyme. You don’t expect her to change a whole verse, do you?:wink:

I don’t give a shit how many of them hugged him, I hate that song and all their other music that my sister ruined my ipod with.

Wouldn’t it also be possible that he was passed by a swarm of 10,000 lightning bugs, out of which only 1000 deigned to give him a hug?

Kick them to the kerb, surely?

“Quick, what rhymes with ‘tock’? Block, cock, sock…clock! Perfect, writing it down.”

I’m pretty sure she just writes the first half of the verse and fills in the rest with whatever she thinks of first.

My personal favorite stupid lyrics:


You could try not cheatin on her, Mark. It’s a start.

Country music’s the worst for using “filler” words, like Lonestars “Them danged 'ole hills” or Montgomery Gentry’s “there’s a sign there on that big ol’ rusty tractor.” It’s like they go

“OK, we’ve got what we want to say, but we’re short by 3 syllables. Any ideas?”
“Eh, just repeat a word or toss in old once or twice. It’s work out.”
“Good idea”


[nitpick] Owl City is a “he,” not a “they.” [/nitpick]

Personally I like his stuff, but agree that he’s overplayed as all get out.

I’ve heard of, but never heard, Owl City. But if the lyric in the OP is representative of his/their music, I would rather stab myself in the ear than hear such twee crap. That is all.

Post about how Owl City are a frail Postal Service rip off.

God, I hate that song. It’s twee. It’s so twee it’s practically incapacitated.

Plus the Auto-Tune. My GOD, the Auto-Tune!