I get my TV news from Jon Stewart and I'm proud of it

Even if you’re familiar with the confusion about recent news reporting on SCOTUS’ decision, watch the hilarious Jon Stewart report.

Apparently, CNN and Fox thought it so important that the American public learn SCOTUS’ decision at 10:05 instead of waiting till 10:09 that they … reported the wrong decision. Say what you will about Jon Stewart but I have much respect for him. My impression is that much “non-fictional” broadcast and cable news has become useless and lunatic.

I don’t watch TV nor do I get regular newsprint. SDMB and news.google.com are my favorite news sources but I do click on thedailyshow.com when it’s slow at SDMB. :smiley:

I preferred Stephen Colbert’s clip where he compared it to his discussion of A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times. We’ll be back with in-depth analysis from our panel of these ‘best times’ in a moment.”

Politics has become so ridiculous that derision is the only reasonable response to it.

So yes, Colbert and Stewart often provide a more honest analysis.

I think Jon would be a little horrified at you.

I think in general Jon is more horrified at the fact that the news outlets are in such a mess that his show is looked at that way.

Meh, even if news outlets were higher quality, I’d still prefer the daily show because I like learning and laughing. I understand that TDS considers itself a comedy show and rightly so, but I don’t see why that means they can’t be factually accurate. (Nor am I advocating a strict diet of only TDS for news, but, like an occasional slice of french toast with oatmeal and granola, it can still be part of a healthy breakfast.)