I googled Medical Care in Florida and get TrumpCare as the number one choice.

What is TrumpCare? I had not heard of this until today.

Anyone know anything about it? I don’t want to click on one the links.

When I type “Medical Care in Florida” into Google, there is no reference to Trump on the first couple of pages of results, though I didn’t bother to go further into the results. Perhaps you can provide an example of exactly what you found and how you found it?

I’m googling the same thing I did earlier and now it doesn’t come up.

How odd.

Trumpcare? No, he doesn’t.

So it was, um, contrary to what you anticipated?

Trumpcare is just a website that will refer you to actual insurers after you fill out a form.

The only TrumpCare I remember is from the time the Republicans were trying to kill ACA. I’m not sure it ever got firmed up to any kind of reasonable proposal.

While draining your bank account no doubt - just like Trump U.