I got a blu ray player! And I called it a VCR four times this weekend.

What the hell? I guess it’s because I’m not used to saying blu ray, and, to be frank, blu ray isn’t as easy to say as DVD.

Still, though, today I used the word “snazzy.”

I’m 40 going on 80.

If it makes you feel any better, I keep calling my iPod a Walkman and still “tape” music and television shows when I mean to record them. :slight_smile:

I still rewind my DVDs.

I was googling 80s nostalgia and came across a thread where people were listing fads an such. One poster mentioned her daughter came home from school and told her about the “big, black CDs” her teacher brought to class.

I call any physical music medium an album, whether it’s a record, tape, or CD.

Also, I use rewind and fast forward for DVDs. Are there even other terms?

And I have to wonder about all these stories I hear of kids thinking records are huge CDs. Sure they’re not that prevalent now, but between parents that still have their old records, and the fact that records never completely went away and in fact are making somewhat of a comeback, I find it hard to believe that kids today have never heard of them.

I just say ‘disc player’. If needed, I specify the type of disc (CDs, DVD, BD), not to mention the formats of data they carry (audio CD, video CD, for just a beginning).

Well, yeah, that’s logical. An album is a group of things in a common cover. Doesn’t matter what format the things are in.

Rewind refers to moving the tape, but fast forward refers to scrolling forward through the sound/picture/whatever quickly, in whichever medium. The logical complement would be ‘fast reverse’.

I think these days I say ‘scroll forward’ and ‘scroll reverse’.

I’m in my 40’s, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t even seen an LP in a good 20 years. I don’t have children, but if I did, they might very well not recognize one. The last few manufacturers were pretty much gone by 1991, and a child born then could graduate from college this year. Even the supposed “comeback” resulted in a mere 2.9 million sales last year, primarily to niche markets like DJ “scratching” - less than one disk per 100 Americans, even if they were evenly distributed.

I’ve been corrected before for calling a CD an album.

I didn’t even think about rap. I’m not into it, but I do know that record scratching is still done, so I’m sure young rap fans probably have at least heard of records, even if they think all they’re used for is scratching on a turn table.

Oh yeah, and as for

I guess that makes sense, but since I’m so use to rewind other terms don’t sound quiet right to me. Guess I’ll be an old fuddy duddy and just say rewind until the day I die. Dang nabit! :smiley:

Yes, I do the same things.

Screw that. Bands put out albums - and they put them out in LP, CD, and digital download formats. It’s a collection of songs, that’s it.

“Did you hear Chicken of Bristol’s new CD?”
“Which one? Their new album Touched by an Angle, or one of the six singles they put out from that album that are also on CDs? Personally, my favorite is “Grass Stains (Your Love Is On My Face)”.”

I notice a lot of people still say they’re going to “tape” something if they record a show on their DVR.

I use the word “snazzy”. I also sometimes refer to recording shows as “taping” them, and refer to CDs as albums.

Oh, yes, and I’m 23. :stuck_out_tongue:

Runs you did’nt say whether or not you liked the new technology or not.
I love my blu-ray player

I’ve been corrected for saying “AD 2010.” Didn’t make me wrong.