I got a drum kit! Now what?

Yesterday, I picked up a drum kit off craigslist’s free section. It’s sitting in my garage now. I took lessons in high school, but I haven’t played since (I don’t think Rock Band really counts). So, now what? I figure I’ll probably have to tune them, and I found a couple sites that have instructions for that - anything else I need to do?

More importantly, any recommendations for how to get back into things? I suspect there are more sites with drum tabs than there were eight years ago, which might help. Do you guys play by yourself? To music? With other people? Any miscellaneous advice?

I suggest you start beating on them, pronto.

The house I live in now is too small to host a full kit, but when I can set one up, I play for a couple hours a day.

To answer your questions: I play alone, without music on, unless someone who plays guitar (or bass or sax or any of the other instruments I have scattered around the house) comes over; if that happens we jam like crazy happy kids until we are too tired to play any more.

One thing I would suggest is: don’t allow yourself to be constrained by what is “typical”. You want the snare drum over there? Go ahead and set up your kit that way. Some of the most entertaining drummers I’ve ever seen & heard set up their kit different than most people, and the results, in a creative and talented person, can be awesome. Heck, one of my favorite drummers played standing up, without a snare.

haha I was too slow with this last bit: if you’re in the Vegas area, let’s jam. I am the world’s loudest, fastest shitty guitar player. I can play all styles, from thrash to death metal to black metal to punk to thrash to hardcore to stoner doom to thrash. I can also play thrash.

There’s only one thing you need to do.