I got a feather from China - do I have bird flu?

I put together some furniture today that was made in China. There was a 3" feather stuck to one of the pieces, way inside the packaging.

Seriously - should I be alarmed? Send it to the CDC? Take a picture of it?

Of course I put it up where the dog can’t eat it and I don’ thave plans on inhaling it but you know, someone less vigilant than me might get another feather in another Walnut Wheel Desk and their pet duck might eat it and BAM we’ve got full-blown avian flu here in the US!

Would the CDC laugh at me or should I just toss it in the trash?

You mean you don’t have a bird flu action plan yet? :rolleyes:

My opinion is that bird flu is just another boogey man for us to fear.

If you do eat it, boil it at a fast roll for at least 2 minutes first.

Yes and yes.

According to the CDC, avian flu spreads to humans who come in contact with infected birds, or with items “contaminated with secretions or excretions from infected birds”. So if the feather wasn’t gooey or sticky or smelly, I don’t think you have a problem. In any case the vast majority of birds, even in China, don’t have bird flu and have perfectly harmless feathers. I’d wash my hands after handling the feather; that’s not a bad idea with any biological item of wild or uncertain origin.

Your location tag says you are in Ohio, so I suppose you are now going to deny causing the bird flu outbreak in Turkey? :dubious:


But I did have a turkey frozen dinner for lunch that day…

Even if it were covered in infected chicken poo when it was sent, wouldn’t all the virus be dead? Having been removed from optimal chicken-like conditions for so long, I mean.

I’d not have unprotected sex with the feather, just in case.

I think I may have bird flu… I’ve been talking crap and can no longer park!