I got a free pick: Lost or Firefly?

Ok, I have enough free points on this service I use to trade in for the first season of Lost, or the Firefly discs. I rented and watched Firefly and enjoyed it (though I found it contrived), and could watch it again, or not.

On the other hand, I’ve heard good things about Lost, but don’t know much about it.

I don’t watch much television, except for Food Network, Deadwood and Battlestar Galactica. I didn’t like 24. Which should I pick?


*Firefly * is one of my favorite series and I’ve never seen *Lost * but I would still suggest the latter as you’ve already seen and don’t sound that impressed with Firefly.

I’d pick Firefly too, but since you’ve seen it and it didn’t rock your boat, then Lost is the obvious choice.

Those are good choices. Better than Waterworld or Pearl Harbor anyway.

I’ll second that, although I have seen Lost and quite enjoyed it, although not quite as much as Firefly.

Is this to rent or to own? Becuase if it’s a free set of DVDs to own, Lost is the better value from the materialistic standpoint. Twice as many episode, higher retail cost, I believe.

I watched two episodes of Lost and never watched another one.

I got Firefly on DVD and watched the whole damn season within a week. Then I bought them and watched them again.

I own both on DVD. Firefly gets watched every week or so, whenever I have the chance. Lost gets watched…not so often.

Firefly by three lengths.

While I enjoy watching new episodes of Lost, I find that it doesn’t have th repeat value that Firefly does. I actually own both, and I’ve watched Firefly in it’s entirety three times, without cracking Lost. Lost is all about the suspense.

It’s to own. I guess I can order anything, and I wouldn’t mind owning Firely. But I saw them hawking the first season of Lost, and remembering that it seems to be popular and a hit with Cafe Society, I considered it.

I guess I just wanted someone to sell me on Lost, although Inara on DVD is something anyone can appreciate. Mmmm, Inara.

Then it’s decided–Firefly

and don’t forget Kaylee!

I’d go with the one you haven’t seen before: Lost. Plus, if you decide you don’t like it (or just won’t watch them more than once), you could probably get more money for the Lost set than you would for the Firefly set.

You really shouldn’t’ve put it in direct opposition to *Firefly * then. As much as I love his work, the Whedon idolatry on this board is almost frightening sometimes.

Stone the heretic!!! :smiley:


I have already reported him to the Watchers council, who will determine an appropriate punishment.

I’ve seen all of Firefly, and it was great. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Lost, and it was pretty good, too. Based on no further information, I would advise Firefly, since you can get the entire run, rather than just the start of it, in one season.

However, given that you’ve already seen Firefly, I’d instead advise you to see the one you haven’t yet. At least, that’s what I’d probably do; I like variety.

And I love it when other guys drool over Inara. It means that much less competition for Kaylee. :smiley: (except Kaylee’s smile is a lot bigger than that).

Do yourself a favour and catch an episode of *Lost * before making the decision. While it does have tons of fans, it isn’t quite a “DVD-worthy” series i.e. you don’t find yourself watching and re-watching episodes, picking up clever or interesting things you missed, not as much as Firefly or Arrested Development (the mother of DVD-worthy series-- in fact, that’s one of the main reasons it doesn’t quite work as a regular 21-minute sitcom).

Save your time investment and skip Lost. It’s interesting enough early on to get you interested and hooked, but now it’s just going to be Drawn… Out… Forever… and ultimately have a really crappy resolution that’ll make most people feel like they wasted their time on the show.

Firefly, however, can be watched 10 times and still be appreciated.

I’ve been with Lost since the beginning whereas I’ve just recently become a Firefly convert. I don’t see the point in asking if you didn’t like Firefly, but it would be my choice of the two. The first season of Lost was magnificent, but I find myself becoming less excited about the show after each episode this season. Also, as many have mentioned, it’s not really something I would find myself watching multiple times. I’ve seen most episodes of Firefly twice despite having owned the series for just about a month now.