I Got a Kalpak Today

About six months ago, a good online friend of mine decided to join the Peace Corps and make the world a better place and all that. He thought it’d be a grand adventure and a nice way to see the world… I agreed with him but I made him swear on the life of his first newborn that he’d send me somethin’… after all, what good are friends if you can’t get free stuff from 'em, right? :wink:

Well, it finally came in the mail today and it’s this funky looking hat from Kyrgyzstan called a kalpak. It seems it’s their national hat or something but it looks like nothing more than a crossbreed between a lampshade and a fez on steroids to me. Despite how incredibly uncool that sounds, I like it… it’s quirky.

I even wore it to work tonight since it’s a cold weather hat and I go in and out all night at work. Got a couple stares for my troubles too. Heh. Here’s an image of it. Cool, i’n’t? ;j

Very cool, now all we need is someone to find that crazy avi file with that hat in it !

Ok, I found it but it’s not the same hat.


I guess your friend will have to travel elsewhere for this particular hat of crazy fun !

Very cool hat Aesiron. I don’t doubt that you got a few odd looks on your way to work, though. Was it warm, at least?

It wasn’t too cold today so I didn’t get to test its full abilities but it seemed warm enough.

That and I have a huge head so it didn’t fit that well either. :slight_smile:

Heh, Washte thought I’d been sending out nudie pictures of myself.