I got a ne Computer!

Wooo Hoo!

I got a new computer today. Its a Medion(never hear of the brand before today but the reviews were fine) 3.2 GH P4 with 512 megs ‘o’ ram, 17 inch monitor, nice speakers, a Nvidia vidoe card and a surround sound sound card(don’t remember the brand…too tired to look)

And I got it for $650 after rebates.

Man, I really like it.



How big is your heard drive?

Hard Drive

PREVIEW!..must preview!!! :smack:


Ohhhh…forgot about that. Got a CD-RW and a DVD-RW. 200 gig drive. And it has USB2 ports, compact flash and SD/MMC slot up front along with all the sound inputs as well.


::giggling over my new 'puter::

can you tell me where i can get one too?

I think you did well, my friend.

I spent ~$990 last summer to get a 2.8 GHz machine w/a half Gig of RAM, an 80 Gb HD, CDRW, 17" Sony flat-screen and promises of a new life on the Internet.

Sensualips, I got it at Best Buy. Today. I assume that all Best Buys have them in stock. Its a Medion Composer 5200. Don’t know if the rebates will apply everywhere though.

If you are looking for a new computer it is a great deal.

Oh, and the monitor is flat screen.


Don’t look now - but I think they forgot the “w” key! You should complain! :wink:

Congrats on your new computer! We have to get one soon too - they don’t last as long as one would like.

“I am the computer that says* NE*!”

No! Not the Computer that says Ne!

(Good on you, sleestak, it sounds awesome ;))

Nah, “ne” stands for new england style - there is no “r” key, but it does have two “h” keys. Just get in the cah and take that keyboahd back.