I got a new car yesterday!

Its not new new, but new for me. Its a
1998 Dodge Neon. Its not the best car,
but it makes me happy. I’ve been trying
to rebuild my credit after years of
screwing it up, and I was able to qualify
for a loan from a real dealer, not one of
those “We accept everyone” places.
I realize for most people my age and with
my income this isn’t a big deal, but
it was hard to get back to this point,
so I’m pretty excited.

Rock on, blur! It’s a nice feeling, I know.

That’s a great car! I fell in love with Neons when I was “between cars” when mine died and had to rent from Alamo for a month to get to work.

They made me come in and swith every week, just to make life difficult (my low rate was a weird form of “stand by”, where if someone needed my car on the day I came in, they would get it and I could take the bus home!)

So, anyway, I tried 4 different ones, all colors and equipment, and they were all dreams to drive and park and very plush for a small car.

Hey me too. A 1993 Toyota Levin, got a great price for it at auction. It’s got that nice balance of sporty but not too much of a boy racer’s car.

Nothing live that new car feel. Had to give someone a lift home today just to get that little bit extra driving time. Just got to get the CD player working and find a knob for the air con and life will be perfect.