I got a new computer!!!

My wife let me have some of our tax return so I decided it was time to retire the old computer. A co-worker of mine builds computers on the side and made me an offer I could not refuse. AMD 2100, 512 megs of ram, Viewsonic moniter, really cool case, lots of extras for less than a grand. My weekend is now full getting the new one up and online. The grandkids are happy too, they get my wifes computer.


Sounds nice, so - what type of video card do have in there?

ATI Radeon 7500 64MB DDR.


Radeon… the bane of my existence!!!

As long as you don’t do serious gaming, that should be fine.

WAAAH!!! :frowning:

I had it. Tonight. It was in my cart. I had the paperwork, and all of its little wires and attachments.

It was beautiful - a Sony VAIO, not immensely powerful, but better than what I’m using now. It had been a demo, and was listed at $750.

Mr Winnie had the Sony Preferred Card (six months same as cash) out, ready to pay when they said, “We aren’t set up to take that card for anything except televisions.” Silly us - having bought a television at that very store with that very card several weeks ago, imagining that we could by ANYTHING made by Sony with it there.

We didn’t get it.

I am distraught. :frowning: