I got a new hat!

This is the most pointless thread I have ever written, but I bought me a nice teardrop fedora. Looks like something Al Capone would wear. Always wanted one, and I finally broke down.

Man they’re hard to find in this town…

Nothing say class like a fine hat, to be sure.

I’ve always wanted a fedora, but I can never find any kind of hat that fits. I have a big head.

ah, hats! finest thing for a bad hair day. i have quite a few. buying a new one is fantastic.

what colour is the fedora?

kat: i’ve seen fedora’s that are 73/4 and up.

I haven’t worn a hat since Kennedy refused to wear on at his inaugural. Of course, they wanted him to wear the tradional top hat, and he was trying to downplay his rich-guy background for a populist agenda.

I chose a nice dark grey. It’s official color name is “Jet Grey”
Now all I need is the overcoat, and I’ll look kind of like a 1940s private eye.

Or Inspector Gadget…

I congratulate you upon your new hat. I have always worn a hat and I adore them. Stetsons, Akubras, you name it. Fedoras, berets, cowboy hats, I love them all. My next acquisition will most likely be a Borsalino Fedora. It’ll hurt, but I am in the mood for a really fine Fedora.

[mild rant]

Just don’t call a baseball cap a hat!

[/mild rant]

Baseball caps…eech I had to get one for the winter here, since they accomodate a headband nicely which covers my ears, and I don’t wear touques. But were it not for that, I wouldn’t wear one. They make me look 17 years old again… (28 now)
As for good hats, I had a very nice “Tilley” hat, but my wife didn’t much care for it. So I will dye it and give it to a friend. It was a fine accessory. I recommend them as an excellent outdoors hat.