I got a "winter solstice" hot chocolate

A colleague just brought it back from the lobby café. Apparently they’re serving a free hot chocolate with the coffees to celebrate the winter solstice today.

And there are marshmallows too…Yummy. This should warm up the afternoon.

Hmmm where is my summer solstice lemonade?

Happy “winter” solstice, upside-down people. :slight_smile: For weeks it has been hot and sunny here, but today it has, of course, gone all windy and spitting of rain.

Happy Winter Solstice!
I always wondered where the overstock of hot chocolate and marshmellows went when our summers came along.

Now I know.

:stuck_out_tongue: You just have to keep rubbing it in don’t you? Nice cool weather there and stinking hot weather here! Well you just wait, your time will come. Wait until fall arrive *here *- then you’ll be hearing about it from me! :smiley:

There’s room to reminisce cruelly. It was 45. C on new year’s day in CuncatorVille. That’s 114. F.

I was walking past the ice cream shop today when I picked up the tantalising smell of waffles and, well, I just had to go and buy an ice cream. And I heard on the store radio that it was winter solstice… while eating my ice cream :smack: And also that Saddam Lawyer #3 had been murdered. Sigh.

<hijack>Yay! Someone from Perth! I was in Perth from June - Nov 1999 studying at Murdoch Uni. Lovely city. Loved it, loved it. Was surprisingly chilly in June. And sunshiny rain’s a bit weird. Otherwise, outstanding.</hijack>