I got Dungeon Siege and Heroes IV in!

Whoo hoo! Ebgames upgraded my Dungeon Siege order to overnight shipping for free, so both it and Heroes IV came in today. What a wonderful way to start a Friday.


…must…resist…urge…to blow…money…budgeted…for Morrowind…must…resist…

I got Dungeon Siege on Thursday.

Two words:

  1. Frickin’
  2. Awesome!

Ugrade your video drivers. Mine crashed the game until I upgraded.

I plan to get it tonight; guess I’ll be switching between this and Freedom Force for a while.

I’ve already upgraded my drivers because everything in FF was invisible unless it was on the street. Kinda hard to beat up on the badguys if I can’t see where anyone is.

I was mildly disappointed in the initial parts of the game, but after you start picking up party members, it picks up and then some.

I really enjoy the totally seamless world, and how its focus is relentlessly forward–once you leave a town, you simply have no reason to return to it. Although if you really make serious errors like not buying any potions, trekking all the way back would be a pain. I’ve had to break myself of the Diablo-habit of only wanting to quaff potions when very low on health/mana–the characters only drink as much as they need, be it one hp’s worth or all of it.

Great mindless fun, although its general beefiness makes me wish my new pc would get in sooner–I want to be able to crank all the details to maximum, dagnabbit.

I’ve been playing all weekend. I now have seven fighting members and a packmule. I put one of my spellcasters on healing duty to cut back on the number of potions I need to use. I also had to get used to getting away from the Diablo mindset of holding potions until they’re necessary.

I have a few minor quibbles with the game. I wish my spellcasters could be set to quaff mana potions when they run out. I wish they would be a little quicker to attack whenever one of my party members is being attacked (even though I have everything set to the most offensive possible).

I like that my healer automatically does his job and my packmule tries to stay out of the fight. I like that there are no loads and the graphics are gorgeous. I really hope there is some sort of town portal/teleport spell for my spellcasters. This game is freakin’ huge.

All in all, a 90%.

I’ve been playing the HELL out of Freedom Force. I’ve also been working through Jedi Knight II (frustration, thy name is…).

However… I get paid on Friday. That night I predict I’ll have Dungeon Siege. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to play it, though…

And when’s Morrowwind coming out? THAT’S the game I’m REALLY looking forward to.

And then NeverWinter Nights…

The list just never stops, does it? :slight_smile:

Soon, young Jedi, very soon. :slight_smile: