I got in a huge fight with Amy Poehler

I wanted her to move in with me but she said she was really in love with the old Victorian house she was sharing with her room mates and she really liked living with her girlfriends and really appreciated the support and friendship living with other women.
I was OK with that but I made a comment that it meant we couldn’t spend as much time together as I really wanted.
Amy became upset and accused me of trying to control her.
I said all I did was point out that I really liked being with her.
She said it was a backhanded way to basically threaten her with leaving if we didn’t move in and she was perfectly capable of running her own life.
I said she was vastly over reacting and all I said is that I want is to be with the person I love.

Not sure how the fight ended because I had to wake up to pee.

I’m a little scared to continue the conversation tonight – I think she’s gonna dump me :frowning:

…Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

She’s just not that into you.

Even in your dreams.

Usually when my dreams involve a celebrity telling me about her female roommates, things go in a different direction.

Well, since its your dream, you have options.

Look, don’t feel bad. There are a LOT of comedians you wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire… but with Amy, you would!

Somewhere out there, I bet that makes Amy Poehler smile.

…or not…

This reminds me of Cleveland in My Dreams by Lawrence Block, a short story so short it can be told in two minutes as an (excellent) joke, yet which was made into a film.

I think this entire thread is here to prove that I am old and “out of touch” with “pop culture”.

Don’t feel bad. I only guessed Amy Poehler was a star because the Mods would have edited a post with private personal name.

Well the good news is Amy and I have decided to work on our relationship.

We’re not going to live together but we’re going to commit to set aside time to be together.

She’s coming over tonight and I’m making her dinner. I was just about to ask if she wanted London broil, Chicken Cacciatore, or my special Salmon en Croute (I serve it with Hollandaise and a micro-green salad lightly dresses with fresh raspberry vinaigrette) then a damn train came rumbling by and I couldn’t get back to sleep :rolleyes:

Just as well. Its likely that she and Fey are [del]torturing each other via mutual starvation[/del] doing Weight Watchers to remain fit for the public eye.
Maybe the one who loses least pays for the other’s MACY’s shopping spree?

(No word yet on who gets the sharp stick for the public eye)

Oh great.

Now I’m in a fight with both Poeler & Fey about How Dare I express opinions on the self-destructive crap women subject themselves to just to have the approval of their fathers.
(and Beau-coup Millions to play Monopoly with at Charles Schwab)
“…she’s Rich…! She invested in Pfizer…!”
“Oh, Close Ambien…!”