I got lasered at UCLA.

About 9;30 Wednesday night, I was at UCLA walking to my car from my C# class in Franz Hall. The walk took me along the entire length of Bruin Walk, part of which is in sight of the observatory domes on Boelter Hall.

While in this stretch, I noticed a bright green spot of light following me along. I did this for about 30 seconds. At that point I waved in the direction of the light, and they stopped.

I have no idea what that was about, but starting yesterday Google has had a tribute to lasers on its homepage.

Sounds like someone was screwing around. At least they were polite enough to use green, rather than gun-sight red.

Isn’t there more risk of eye injury from green lasers?

Talking with several of the plant’s gun afficionados at work this morning, one of ‘em just bought himself a green laser sight, and the other one was telling us that blue ones are on their way next (altho’ he didn’t know if they’d be commercially available).

… apparently the green ones are easier to aim, because you can see their beam along its length (unlike red).

OP missed a golden opportunity to cry out, “Don’t lase me, bro!”

Today (May 16) is the anniversary of the first successful operational of a laser, by Ted Maiman at Hughes Research in 1960.

Perhaps your stalkers were paying tribute.

So much for that stereotypical image.

I can’t think what it was, but there was a funny moment in a movie a while back where the “bad guys” found themselves covered with about 1,000 little red dots, at which time, they surrendered. My fuzzy memory is trying to tell me that it was an animated movie, if that helps any.

Typical UCLA losers. :dubious: :rolleyes:

Now, if it was CalTech, it would have been a 1920’s Style Death Ray.


Personally, I think this is pit-worthy.

It is in EXTREMELY poor taste to follow someone with a laser.

I had that happen to me, once. It was in 1990, when lasers really weren’t all that common. It was at a college, too.

What the morons don’t realize is that it’s really easy to trace back to the source. (Maybe not so much today…lasers can travel a lot longer distances and still remain pin-pricks…heh, good choice of words). I found the source. Two dipshits. I was on my bike and I circled them a few times, glaring, but not saying anything. After a while, their neanderthal giggles subsided, and I went about my way.

Yeah, in this day and age I’m going to have to agree with this. Far be it from me to be someone to make a big deal over the latest government scare tactic du jour, but with all the shootings you hear about these days the person using the laser has to be aware that it’s a possibility for the person they’re targeting to think that the laser’s coming from a gun. I don’t know if I’d dive for cover upon seeing a laser, but I think it’s a shitty thing to do these days.

Blue Lasers are available!

If you wish to pay $900 for a laser pointer, that is.

Sounds like Toy Story 2 to me. It was Buzz covered in laser dots, during the “video game” bit, after he narrates himself onto the planet Zurg is hiding on.