I got my Chromecast today

Best $35 I’ve ever spent. Took me a while to get everything set up… had to restart my laptop, and the router, but eventually everything connected and now I’m watching a movie on Netflix that is streaming to my laptop, but I’m watching it on my TV. No wires involved. I’m still figuring things out but I should be able to send my Chrome browser to the TV as well. Edit to add… just spotted the new icon for Google cast on my browser so I think it may be simpler than I imagined.

I got mine a few weeks ago, but I haven’t used it much. The TV I use it on is downstairs, so I don’t have much opportunity to stream from my desktop (running up and down the stairs to pause doesn’t seem the best use of my time). I was hoping that I’d be able to push things from my Chrome browser on my iPhone, which doesn’t seem to be supported yet.

Google just released Chromecast for iOS today. I’ll test it out when I get home tonight.

I’ve got one on order from Amazon, but they’re still saying it’s going to be October before it ships.

Best Buy had a shipment last week - but it sold out quickly.

And, wow, ten minutes later… I just got an email from Amazon saying that my Chromecast is on its way right now.

Let me know how it goes. My sons both have iPhones and were disappointed last night that they couldn’t connect.

Although I’m a little concerned what may hijack my screen when they decide to have some fun.

One son got home, downloaded it and was streaming videos in under 2 minutes.

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Ok, that’s fine… I thought it would be a discussion on using a device to watch TV shows, YouTube videos, Movies, etc. easier… but whatever.

So, Ummm… so I guess, what’s your opinion on me getting my Chromecast? Is it too late to make a poll if you are for or against it?


Well that was disappointing - it’s just an app to help you set up the Chromecast, not a way to push your Chrome screen from iOS to the TV. Still waiting, Google!

Pushing the Chrome screen is still in Beta. I can do it on my laptop and it works great. I haven’t tried on my phone or Nexus 7 yet.

I love it, it works great for Netflix, which is why I got it. I ordered mine when they were still offering the 3 months of free Netflix, so it was a no-brainer decision (Google discontinued that one day later). Now that I have the iOS Netflix app and can use my iPhone like a remote, even better.

Netflix and YouTube have native Chromecast technology, so videos stream directly and much more smoothly. But I’ve noticed other videos played through Chromecast in the Chrome browser are a very stop-start-freeze situation. So I wouldn’t recommend it for watching Hulu or similar at this time.

What is the advantage? I stream Netflix to my TV through a WII (which statys connected to the TV anyway) or can stream to the PC/notebook. Is Chromecast better?

I’ve watched several things on Hulu+ with no problems.

My only complaint, and it is minor, is that since Hulu+ isn’t really part of the app so you watch it by casting the Chrome screen. With Netflix and YouTube there is a little button similar to going to full screen that sends the show to the TV full screen, but the browser is still in small screen mode so you can flip to a new tab and surf while watching the show on the TV. For Hulu it shows up just as you see it on the browser. You can go to full screen just fine, but then you can’t switch to a different tab.

I can stream Netflix and Hulu through my Blue Ray player, but I hate the clumsy interface. I’m much happier using my normal browser and keyboard. My daughter plays soccer and most of her games are streamed through the college’s website. I can now watch those on my TV.

I haven’t tried it, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t work, but I travel quite a bit and as long as there is a HDMI slot on the TV in the hotel I should be able to pack the little dongle and stream to the hotel TV.

When did you order yours? Mine still has Oct. 21 as the earliest expected delivery.

I placed my order on July 26th, and should be getting my Chromecast today.

Unfortunately, I’m heading out of town in a few hours, so I won’t get to play with it 'til next week.

I’m still waiting on mine (October sometime)
One question though. Once the streaming starts, you can turn off your laptop right? From what I understand, you’re not actually streaming from your laptop. You’re actually streaming from the cloud. The laptop, (or whatever device you use) is just the method you use to control the device.
Is this correct?

The advantage of Netflix on the Chromecast over Netflix on the Wii is that it’ll be in HD. Whether you want to watch it on your TV or your PC is a matter of personal preference - but the picture and sound on my HDTV and sound system is much better than on my computer, so that’s my preference.

There’s also access to Google Play (which I don’t use), and the possibility of other add-ons in the future. Additionally, it takes up far less space than a Wii does (provided you have an available HDMI input).

The deal for a Chromecast with 3 months free Netflix goes in and out of stock on Best Buy’s website. I bought one yesterday and it has already shipped, but I see they are out of stock today. Keep checking and I bet they’ll get more: