I Got My Gmail Name First And Now I'm Kind Of Regretting It

Oh, my God, yes. One of the only times I’ve ever been an early adopter–but I liked the early stages of the product, had an invite, and it was free, so … I get newsletters for groups I’m not a part of, vacation photos … Hell, some idiot in Pennsylvania or somewhere signed up for an NBA fantasy league using my GMail address. I just blocked the site source on that one–no sender to send a correction to, and anyway, it’s his own damn problem IMO if he can’t get his own e-mail address right. (But if anyone happens to know Streeter Simmons, please let him know that SCSimmons-at-gmail.com is fucking taken. Thank you.)

I got my three initials as an e-mail address on a new ISP. That kind of thing has major geek cred in some circles (just ask GLS, ESR or RMS…but not RTM).

They are fine initials, but they are shared with a computer company, so I used to get misdirected e-mails intended for that company. I would often write back with advice about better vendors.

I have my firstname @ gmail. It’s an uncommon name in the west but I guess there are a few in South Africa who keep having their work contacts send me emails. Bills, clothing orders flight details. I find it irritating and occasionally let the recipient or her friends know that they should get her to use her own address. I also tried to block any emails from SA but I got another one and a facebook friend request from SA.

Back in the day I got mine with the firstname.middleinitial.lastname and I’ve never gotten misdirected emails. Thinking back, I wish I’d gotten an email address with firstname.middleinitial.lastname@gmail.com as an actual email address just for fun. I’d have to leave it as a spamtrap what with the millions of emails I’d get for sure.

I have a FirstnameLastname gmail account, and I just get one other person’s e-mail. And he’s not FirstnameLastname - he’s FirstnameLasteName (instead of an “O” in my name, he has an “E”). I get angry e-mail from his mom, I get his kid’s soccer team schedules and carpool schedules, I get his skydiving adventure plans, etc.

He gets some of my stuff, so I try to forward it back to him. But he’s really not interested in helping me out, so when his mom sent an e-mail a day for a week begging him to send a picture of his baby (“I understand you’re busy, but I’m her grandmother.” level of sad and pleading.) I waited a week and responded that either she doesn’t know her son’s last name, or she doesn’t know her own.


Mine is, er, a little more like Ironfist.Dragonslayer. I keep trying to come up with another e-mail address, but I can’t - I can’t think of anything, and my name, which is pretty uncommon, is taken six ways from Sunday.

I watched an entire deal in Singapore for a container ship worth $10m come through my inbox once over the course of several months. Goodness knows what the vendors thought about never receiving any replies.

Today, I got a series of e-mails from the Apple store, for a Larry Mudd somewhere in Missouri, who set up his account with Apple with my e-mail address.

Because I have nothing better to do, I called him to let him know I was getting his e-mails, and that tracking information, password reminders, etc were not going to find him.

Just got his TAD, but the guy actually sounds like a hoot, and he’s much worthy of the name than I am.


You’ve reached the Muddhole, this is Larry Mudd - do your talkin’ after t’ beepy thang…


Didn’t really sound much like a guy who’d be pleased to pay ~$100 for a mouse, honestly.

Luckily I married into a very uncommon name since my email address is firstname@lastname.com.

It’s great, hubby@lastname.com is the administrator, spam filter definer and all around tech support so I usually don’t have to email I just toss an empty diet coke bottle across our desks when things go wrong. On the downside upgrade days… well it’s just better if I leave the house those days. Things like “How important is it really if we’ve lost all your mail” are received poorly :wink:

I got lastname@gmail.com thanks to a buddy giving me an invite back when it was invite-only. I recently got a three or four e-mails all about coming out to my physics tutorial. I’m a music TA who SUCKS at physics.

Yet by fluke, I figured out one of my distant-distant cousins was this physics PhD student somewhere in the states. I told him their names, to which he thanked me, and added that they had his SCHOOL e-mail on the syllabus, and were dumbasses. :smiley:

I too got a Gmail account way back when.
As I have a really, really common name, I used firstmiddlelastname at gmail dot com. (Think of JohnJoeSmith - not my real name - but then you have an idea of how common my name is…)
It has worked out quite nicely, and I am sure if I had applied for it today, that would have been taken - all three of my names are common, and when I Google my full name, there are lots of “us” out there!
Surprisingly, I don’t think I have had one single person email me by accident in all these years, even with the common name.

I got a very early invite (thanks to a doper I have since forgotten), I used it to register hubby’s firstnamelastname@gmail.com. Lucky for him his name is extremely rare.

As for myself I’ve owned the domains myfirstnamelastname.com and myfirstnamelastname.org for nearly a decade, and have recently found out there is an up and coming fashion design star with my exact name (mine is very common, btw) and who had to register a convoluted version of her own name.

I wonder if I could offer the domain to her.

I use firstInitialLastname@gmail.com and have gotten lots of e-mail intended for other people. My last name isn’t that common either.

The e-mail from organizations is the most annoying. You can’t reply to the e-mail because it’s a non-monitored address, and you can’t log into their account and take your e-mail out because you don’t know the password. Once the e-mail did include the account details so I went in and changed it. :wink:

Best I’ve been able to do is write to postmaster or customer support and tell them they’ve got the wrong address. That usually doesn’t help, I often wind up just marking the mail as spam. These organizations need to confirm e-mail addresses before accepting them. One guy in Australia kept signing up for travel stuff using my e-mail. I did manage to reply to one of the messages intended for him and asked them to let him know he was using my address. He wrote me and apologized, said he was accidentally using an amalgamation of his work user name with @gmail.com instead of his actual Gmail address.

I also get all sort of cute spammy stuff from “Paige” CCd to a bunch of her friends and family and have told her several times I don’t know her, as recently as this morning. I’ve also gotten quotes on contractor stuff and other semi-private information, and a reservation confirmation for a hotel in Thailand for like $30 per night.

LOL. In my experience what winds up happening is people who don’t know much about computers will often overpay because they think the more expensive stuff will be easier to use.

My Gmail account is last.first@gmail.com, because first.last was already taken way back when.

Friends have sometimes inadvertently copied the other guy on some emails. I’ve been in touch with him and we have had some laughs over it.

I also am on the distribution list for a church in Pennsylvania, or somewhere like that. I tried to explain the error to them, but they haven’t removed me. So, I get to read up on the latest church activities occasionally.

My regular email is Invisiblechimp@gmail.com. I decided to get a more “professional” sounding email while I’m looking for work. My name is very common, but I was still able to get myfirst.middle.last@gmail.com last month. So far, no problems. I do know there is a doctor in Canada with my full name from previous ego surfing.

Added weirdness: Turns out that his middle name is my first name, and vice versa. Weeeeird.