I got my user name changed -- beers for everybody!

I’m celebrating! I just changed my user name, and I feel like a whole new me. Here’s the story:

Last summer, the radio station where I work received a demo CD for what has got to be the worst garage band ever. Imagine a 12-year-old with four guitar lessons under his belt and his best buddy on drums. It was so crushingly bad it made our ears bleed just to listen to it. We played it a time or two on the air just for fun, and as a joke I pretended that it was actually a “new sound” out of California – next-door-neighbor rock, something like that. Anyway, our morning DJ (also my younger brother) and the sports guy would hail me into the studio occasionally to hector me about my “taste” in music. The sports guy started calling me “Sunrazor,” which was the name of the album, and the nickname stuck.

Sports guy has since left, and the morning DJ decided it was time for a new name for me, so I have been tabbed “Prince of Dorkness” (for some really stupid comments I made on the air … but we won’t go into that.) I really like Sunrazor, however, so I wrote the Webmaster (All hail the great and powerful Webmaster!) and he changed my username to Sunrazor.

I’m so proud!

So are you going to tell us your pervious name so we can connect the dots, or do we have to guess? :rolleyes:

I think he thinks we all know.

Sunrazor = jeffrice

The name changes in all posts, but not in quotes. Jeez, you people can’t do basic detective work? :smiley:

I’d have to care enough about the topic to do that. :wink:

But he promised us beer! I know you can twist his arm and get him to provide some good Colorado ginger beer if you razz him enough.

The Teeming Millions chime in.

Hey, HEY HEY! Watch the Coors references – I actually had lunch with Peter Coors once. Well, me and about 120 other people. But he didn’t become our senator, and now he’s pouting and won’t be our governor, so PPPHHHBBBTTTT to him.

No, if you want real Colorado beer, you want New Belgium beer, and I swear to God I’ll violate Federal law and ship a six-pack of your favoriet NB to the first person who can tell me (1) the home town of the New Belgium brewery AND (2) the other brewery in that town.

OK, so for the rest of youse – I honest-to-God promise, you come to Colorado, do the detective work and find me, and I will buy you a beer. Your choice. But you gotta’ sit on my patio and watch the sun set with me and the missus. 'Cuz it’s better’n television.

Wow, anybody up for a Denver Dopefest?

Holy crap, I gotta’ quit posting when I’m drunk!

No one posted about Coors. The reference was to ginger beer–something with a flavor one can taste.

Hmm, I’ll play nice and not take advantage of you since I live in Colorado, :slight_smile: You may have to be more specific though since There are at least three other “brewers” and one “beer maker” In the area(not sure about city limits as a technicality).

I happen to be imbibing a NB 1554 as I type.

Mmmmmm Black Ale.

It’s very interesting you put it like this. See here. :slight_smile:
Trasplanted Colorado native myself. Ft. Fun all the way! :rolleyes:

Ft. Collins?

Do you mean Big Horn Brewery or th Odell Brewing Company?


Mike in Denver

I think he’s refering to Anheuser-Busch, but could be Coopersmiths too.
(semi) Interesting factoid: I did the layout and graphics work on all of Big Horn Brewery’s tap handels, at least the ones they installed in 1998. I still have some of the extras at my parents house.

Naw, not the Bud Lite plant – that’s a beer factory that isn’t even home-grown.

D-bear (Mike) wins the brew. I forgot about Big Horn – the heat out here in the sandhills is scorching my brain.

Contact me by my personal e-mail, I’ll get the beer to ya’.