I got my visa!!!!!!!!

Some of you may know that I have applied for a visa to move to the US to marry my sweetheart, Brynda. Well, I have my visa interview on Monday and I got the visa!!! :cool:

The day went like this…

We (Brynda and I) got up early, about 6am and got ready. No breakfast for me cause I was realy nervous. We headed into central London on the tube and made our way to the doctor’s office where I would have to have my medical. We arrived at about 7:45am and there were already some people queuing up outside.

We were ushered inside at 8am and told to put all our paperwork in a plastic wallet and hand them all in to the reception desk. After this, they started calling people’s names, but it did not appear to be in any order. We had to go and pay and sign some forms, then head down to the waiting room. Once there, we were called for our blood tests (they just take the blood at this point) and then after waiting some more (a pattern is beginning to emerge here, can you see it?) we were called to go for a chest x-ray. They get you to strip to the waist and the girls are given a thin white robe to cover up with (not see through or anything, it just looks thin, like one of them hospital things) and the boys get nothing. You are placed infront of the machine in an awkward position and they do the x-ray then the Dr comes to take you into his office (there is a female Dr for the girls). He listened to me breathing and examined my abdomen and asked me a little about what I had put on the form (I have Hydrocephalus and have had several surgeries). Then I just had to wait for the Dr to look at the x-ray.

With x-ray in hand I headed off to the Embassy with Brynda and a guy called Dave who was there for the same thing (he posted on another board that he would be there and would look out for us). When we got to the embassy we had to show our letters to get into the grounds (it is all fenced off now) and then go through security. Once inside we headed to some booths and handed in the letter and were told to take a seat and wait to be called.

After another wait, we were called up one by one to the front to hand in some papers and sign the forms we had already mailed and the one you have to pay for. Once that was done we were again told to wait.

The next time I was called was for the visa interview itself. I headed to the booth and the guy (who was really nice) said that Brynda could come too (he knew she was my fiance cause of a pic sent in as evidence we had met) so up Brynda came. He asked how we met (mentioning the Straight Dope caused a raised eyebrow until I explained it). I waffled a bit but all he really wanted to know was when we met online, when we met in person and when I went to the US for the first time. I also told him when I met Brynda’s family. He said that pending the results of the blood test I would get my visa after 12pm and to return then.

We decided to head out cause Brynda wanted to go to Speakers corner in Hyde Park. It was really windy, so we walked to the park and looked around for it (we realised we had started there and headed away) but decided to head back when we saw there was no one speaking cause it was so cold and windy.

When we got back we went into the waiting room again and waited…and waited…and waited. We saw someone bring out some passports, but they did not call anyone. Then they started calling people up. I was near the bottom of the list but eventually I was called. He explained when I needed to travel (within 6 months) and get married (within 90 days of entering the US) and to contact the INS after that.

And that was it.


After much sickening PDA type stuff we head out and went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

We also went on the London eye cause we could not get on last time we were here.

All in all a tiring day, but I am so happy. I have my ticket booked and fly out a week on Wednesday. I have to finish packing and then that is it!!! I can’t wait.

I love you, Brynda.


Welcome, a hearty pre-Wednesday welcome!

When you arrive, we’ll issue you your gun and cowboy hat. :slight_smile:

Woo-Hoo! Congrats!

Note to self: sell stock in transatlantic long distance carrier Brynda had been using.


I am so happy for both of you!


Much Love,


Rick and Brynda take on the Immigration Service…and win! Congratulations to both of you!

Let us all know how your Scottish honeymoon plans are shaping up!

Good question, Duke. Now that we have the visa in hand, we can start to plan in earnest. It is looking like Edinburgh and Oban.

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone. It was a long, difficult process and I can’t quite believe things turned out so well. Rick moves here a week from today!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congrats Rick and Bryn!!

Next time you’re over in dublin (if ever :O) Can you talk about something other than Brynda? I mean, you nearly put me off my pint with all the smoochy smoochy lovesick puppy talkj :wink:

OK, I’m lying :wink:

really, I’m glad for ya. All the best.l

Awww, that’s so great. It makes me all teary-eyed…