I got the No A/C Summertime Blues!

At least these are easy to cure. I’m sure they’ll turn the central air when maintenance is done working on the system. But why the fuck did they decide work on the system at 2 pm on a Friday? At least I have a fan on my desk because it’s always a little too warm in here for me. For some strange reason, this building was designed with windows on both the eastern and western sides.

BTW: it’s a bit dark in here too. Maintenance killed the main lights when they started working on the AC so all we have are the emergency lights. The only well-lit areas right now are the bathrooms.

Yay! We’re being sent home!

Well. I’m glad that ended well.

tigg, who is living in an unairconditioned apartment in Chicago and is thoroughly grateful for the current high-pressure system over the Midwest.

I thought low pressure systems were the cold ones?

Either way, we have had some of the nicest August weather I’ve ever seen.

Now watch it hit 120 to spite me.

Temps in the Midwest slowly creepin’ up, just to spite Wikkit…


You know, I had just opened the lobby door when I heard the announcement that maintenace had finished with their repairs and were turning the AC back on. I thought about going back to my desk but I figured as long as I already had the door open…

Well, you have always had a problem hearing, right? RIGHT?!


Thought I heard something…