I got this cool old Casino Royale book from the thrift store today

reprinted in 1959

I’d never seen this edition before
on the first page it’s signed “Ian Flemind”

of course finding a random copy at a thrift store you have no way of knowing if it’s real or not

it does look like his other signatures though http://www.rodcollins.com/wordpress/authenticate-signed-ian-fleming-books
what do you think
irregardless even if it’s fake it’s still a cool old cover

(Am not an expert) Seems authentic to me. You also have the dust jacket, which is good. Condition is not great but I don’t think it matters that much for non-first-editions… I would expect this to be worth at least a few hundred $, maybe a bit more. Find an expert to price it for you, you may be surprised. Good luck.

I thought it was bogus because I didn’t recognize the jacket design.

But I’m not as smart as I thought.

Jonathan Cape, 4th edition