I gotta stop googling medical stuff

I really need to stop doing this. Especially right before a long weekend. I went and saw a cardiologist yesterday. Years ago I had an ‘echo’? done and it showed that there was something off with my heart but not so much that my doctor was alarmed. They told me to followup in a year. I never did. That was over three years ago. Well I’m back for a checkup and she wants to do all these tests. Another echo, a stress test, and some bloodwork. So I got the bloodwork done last night and the results came up on my patient portal. Of course I go to look at them and, to me, everything looks ok. But then I notice there’s a result that doesn’t have a convenient ‘normal range’ with it. Something called ‘NT-Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide’ So I’m like, well how do I know if I’m normal or not??

So of course I google it. FTR. Don’t do this. Apparently I’m NOT in the normal range. Not anywhere close. But nothing online gives me any info about having a LOW value. Since apparently people are only normal or high. Now I’m all stressed out that I’m dying or something because I can’t confirm that I’m not via Google. And my doctor’s not available today. Fun times! lol

Dr. Google has a bad rep for a reason. Try not to stress (Ha!). I like to think that if it were an emergency, someone would contact you ASAP, rather than waiting for the doctor to get back from holiday break. I did find this for you, which implies that things are likely to be fine… (IANAD)

Cite: Cleveland Clinic


Actually, I take a more extreme stance.

IANAD either, and I don’t advise this anyway, but if I am prescribed something new I take out the package insert/patient information leaflet, read the section on things you’re not supposed to do when taking the medicine, then throw the damn leaflet away. I usually regret it and have to re-check it later on line, but the important thing (for me) is to not start off by reading the list of side effects, because if I do I’ll get all of them. I know exactly how my imagination is going to work; so you can bet I never google stuff either. I learned that the hard way.


Yep, bad juju. Best not to look.