I guess a TINY scrap of objectivity is too much to ask, HUH? ( Submarine/Trawler)

In This G.Q. Thread, the following quote appeared in the sixth posting down from the O.P. :

*Originally posted by wahoo11 *

It’s obvious in the case of the Greenville that the Officer of the Deck screwed up big time. The USN will cover their a$$es by keeping civilians off the controls.

I was involved in a submarine collision off the coast of Spain many years ago. There was a back page tidbit in the New York Times and that was it. The media today is lethal.


Now, I almost lost it in G.Q., but felt that a Pit thread was wiser. I’m on thin ice as it is here.

[sarcastic anger]So, let me understand you here. “The media today is lethal”. I’m trying to figure out which accredited member of the media killed the people on that fishing boat. [/sarcastic anger].

The media isn’t lethal. Not on this story, it isn’t. Japanese Civillians are dead solely because of the United States Navy. And before the poster quoted above, or anyone else, choses to take this as some huge ranting attack on the U.S. Military, save it. I support our nation’s military 100%. I am addressing THIS quote, regarding THIS event. Period. I’m also glad that the accident that Wahoo11was involved in wasn’t one that warranted front-page mention. That probably would have meant loss of life. No doubt, you are very proud of your military service time.

The media is all over this because of the political implications, and because it’s a simply awful accident that involves a United States Military vessel.

The rest of your posting, I not only wouldn’t argue with, I’d wholeheartedly agree with. One takes a terrible responsibility when one takes command. It’s so early that even though this is the Pit and not G.D., I won’t hazard a guess as to whom is truly responsible for this tragedy.

It is interesting to listen to This N.P.R. Report . Apparently the Navy is admitting that the presence of civillians was a distraction on this trip. It also asserts that while two- TWO- civillians were indeed at the controls DURING the ascent, they are in no way responsible for the sinking. The Navy is refusing to name the civillians, at this time.

I’ve got about a half-dozen really angry comments on that decision. I’ll let them go. My rant here applies solely to the comment about the media being lethal. Find another situation that lets you hate the media. God knows there are plenty of 'em. :mad:

This thread is here to discuss the link provided above. I would ask in all due respect that this thread develop on topic, and not as yet another pile-on. {I don’t know the author of the quote I used, I’m sure he’s a true professional.) I simply took umbrage with something he said. I won’t rise to bait, because I’ve no interest in another warn. I just would love to see this topic explored here, where the wording can be a bit more…free form


Damn. I previewed and edited for about 25 minutes. Missed the screwed up End Quote typo, that made my O.P. appear as such. Apologies all around.

I have reread my post and for the life of me I can’t figure out the reason why I referred to the media as lethal. I do think that some of them jumped to the immediate conclusion that it was the subs fault.In the case of the collision I was involved in it was the surface vessels fault.

I will try to be more careful in my choice of words in the future. You have my sincere apology.


This is new. A straightforward, well-made and relatively polite flame, and an honest apology in response. Makes me believe there’s hope for us all.

And no, I’m not being sarcastic. Good job, guys. I salute the two of you! :slight_smile:

Almost doesn’t belong in the Pit does it.

Jeez, rational exchange of information in the Pit, imagine.

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