I guess that makes most people drug dealers, then

You know how sometimes crazy people will come along and fill Great Debates and/or the Pit with pages upon pages of their… unique logic? I think Iranian VP Mohammad Reza Rahimi would fit right in there.

“There are no Zionist drug addicts in Iran; therefore Zionists run the drug trade.”

Makes perfect sense, no?

The picture of him in that article is just begging for someone to photoshop in a fat joint between his fingers. :stuck_out_tongue:

A fat kosher joint. “Oy, mon!”.

isn’t Iran full of opium?

I don’t understand this. Is this rhetoric or does he actually believe it?

Oh, man, I went to school with several Zionist drug addicts. I’m gonna research them and get big bucks from the Islamic Republic of Iran!

He’s not saying there aren’t any Zionist drug addicts in Iran. He’s saying there aren’t any anywhere. That’s proof that drugs are a Jewish invention to corrupt everybody else while not using them themselves.

Yes and apparently there aren’t any gay people in Iran either. That’s some sort of Western invention.