I guess this is the best place to say Hello?

Yeah - some will recognize my username from DU, DI, and/or JPR.

For those that don’t - I joined DU in 2003, DI in 2014, JPR in 2015 - now here.

Gotta keep my finger on the pulse of our southern neighbors



welcome to the message board
are you a girl?

Naww, it does not say I am a male, although I am - but an auto/truck mechanic a girl?

That’s pretty rare,

even in Canada!



A good tip for acronyms. Don’t use them if it is going to be completely unclear to your audience what it stands for. It’s really not that hard to type out full words in that situation.

What are you concerned about?

Our eyesight?


The text in your posts is kinda large. Just sayin’. It’s not against the rules, but expect people to comment upon it.

DU = DemocraticUnderground

DI = Discussionist, created by the owners of DemocraticUnderground,

JPR = JackPineRadicals, a group dedicated mostly to support of Bernie Sanders

I do know that overuse of acronyms can be frustrating.


I still use the same username for two reasons

1 - so people on different boards recognize me as who I was/am on other boards,

2 - I am still very concerned about the ongoing wars/invasions in the Middle East and surrounding regions.

I’ll embellish on #2 later in appropriate forums here as I familiarize myself with this message board


I find the text a bit tiny for my old eyes, and thought a larger font would be appreciated by others

Apparently not, and seeing as I rarely spend a whole lot of time reading my own posts anyways, I’ll use the default font size.



With most browsers, you can increase the font size on a page to make it more readable, and once you’ve done that for one SDMB page, the font size stays the same for other pages.

I know how to do that, (Ctrl + ) but thought it would affect other sites as well - now I see it is site specific!

One CAN teach an old dawg new tricks.



ps: Using Google Chrome with Win 7