I had a dream about Coldfire

In the dream, his last name really was “Coldfire.” His first name was something long and aristocratic, like Mortimer or something. What a weird dream.

I’m thinking I spend too much time on the boards.

made me realize I spend way too much time with my `puter. All I could think when I saw coldfire was, “dreaming about motorola chips is strange”

god I’m a dork/nerd/geek/weekie/etc

I’ve been lurking around the board a few months because I’ve been unravelling some urky personal stuff, and “listening” to you guys unravel same has been helpful… and very, um, stimulating. I also had a dream about Coldfire. He kept morphing in and out of my boss. Both personas kept bitching about my time card, and I remember thinking, if I’m going to dream about a Dutch investment banker, why can’t it be sexy? Time cards fer cripes sake!
Damn dreams.

Coldfire, aka clogboy, aka woodfoot does indeed have an aristocratic first name.

Who hasn’t?

But I can’t share mine, else the thread be closed on a porn technicality. :wink:

So what was Mortimer Coldfire doing in this dream?

Maybe it is time you find another hobby. Take up aerobics or something. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had any Coldfire dreams, but a few nights ago, I had a dream that Nymysys had been kidnapped and her father was most likely suspect. But it was MY dad that told me about it. Heehee!

Ah, Aethelred Coldfire!
The suave, Continental accent, the glisten of high finance and Dutch!–legalized dope and sin; canals…tulip bulbs, have ever really looked at those thing?! Freud would swallow his pipe…and clogs! The only question is: when you woke up where were the splinters?

Gad, am I depressed. Does anyone dream about wacko, transgender dead economists? NO!

Not that I’m sulking exactly,

I didn’t actually meet him in the dream. All I remember was seeing his name on a list, and thinking that Coldfire, while a cool Internet handle, is kind of a wacky last name.

Can you think of a fun place to do aerobics? I think I might be interested. :wink:

Teach me to do ego-searches. Now had you had a dream about me AND Coldy together, I’d be all good to go!

You know…“together.”

<ahem> Sorry, as you were.

What no hot, kinky Moderator sex going on ? I am out of here then. Damn Snooooopy, way to disappoint girl. :frowning: