I had a lucid dream!

So, there I was, at work… standing next to a coworker as the Chef was yelling at him to make some broccoli-related recipe, but he didn’t know how to make it. He couldn’t ask the Chef, so he whispered to me for advice on how to make broccoli-whatever. As we were walking, we ran into the Chef, so I used some gesture to say, “Can’t talk infront of him, lets go to the butcher shop, and I will tell you how to make broccoli-whatever.” But the Chef yelled at him some more, so I went into the Butcher Shop alone… I walked passed the ovens… then down the hall way… turned left, and there I was, in the Butcher Shop.

Bit wait a damn minute, I am supposed to turn left into a smaller hallway, then left again to go into the Butcher Shop… Something about this reality was WRONG!

I read a little bit on lucid dreaming a few years ago, tried and failed to have one, then gave up. The basic idea involved in achieving lucid dreaming is to recognize when something around you is not normal, and use that as a signal that you are not experiencing reality, you are dreaming. If you can do this without waking up, then you can control your dream to an extent.

So, for example, You are walking along street, and the purple dinosaurs are all driving around normal-like. No problem, nothing wrong here… then you wake up, and you realize that purple dinosaurs should not be driving: You were dreaming! So the next time you see the purple dinosaurs, you realize that something is wrong, and you can lucid-dream.

So, back to me in the butcher shop, I knew there should be a second hallway, but it wasn’t there, so I realized that I was dreaming. I explained all this to the butcher, but he didn’t seem to care, he just mumbled incoherently. Then something odd, I felt myself rolling over in bed, with no control over the action. Very odd sensation. When that was done, I decided to go do something in my dream… I was going to to the Bakery to flirt with a girl I like. But as I turned around, my dream world turned black. I was lost and I didn’t know what to do.

I woke up.

Maybe tonight, I can try again. It was an entertaining experience, although too short.

I haad a lucid dream about a month ago, to the point where I could actually control what was happening around me (I was sitting in a kitchen with my boss talking to her and decided I wanted to show her my dad’s kitchen, so snapped my fingers to teleport us there - and it worked!).

I have extremely good dream recall and typically very vivid and psychadelic dreams, but I don’t dream lucidly often. I can only remember one other instance of me doing it.

I’ve heard that you can also use lucid dreaming to make yourself dream whatever you want. Anyone else think that’s possible? If so, I’d pay money to learn that talent and then I’d probably spend all my time trying to go to sleep… :slight_smile:

There was a period in my life when I had lucid dreams every single night. It got to the point where I would start arm-chair psychologizing myself. ‘‘Wow, all these basins are filling and overflowing with water… water so obviously represents emotion… maybe if I walk over and turned off the faucet I’ll feel more calm when I wake up tomorrow morning.’’

It’s quite a trip. One of my absolute favorite lucid dreams happened early in my relationship with my now-husband. It involved a dessicated mummy corpse inside a haunted house that was too horrible to look at. I ran outside the house and sat on the ground for a while, looking at the door and trying to psych myself into going inside. ‘‘You know this is only a dream. You have to do this. You have to go in there and look at it, because it means something important and you know it.’’ I ended up going inside, and looking at the horrible thing. At first, it was physically painful to see it.

Suddenly, it turned and looked at Mr. Olives, who was walking obliviously down the hall, and turned back to me with the most malevolent stare. It meant to do him harm! Looking at its sad, sick little face made me angry. There was a ghost nearby playing a violin and holding an umbrella. I snatched the umbrella from the ghost and with a battle cry befitting the most courageous Amazonian I lunged after the dessicated zombie corpse and chased him down the hall. So there it was, chasing after my husband, while I followed at its heels beating it mercilessly into submission with a pink umbrella.

I woke up feeling something I can only describe as pure euphoria. Definitely the most empowering lucid dream I’ve ever had.

Perchance was the chef Carol Channing?

The meme continues…

Whenever I have a lucid dream, I immediately look for a male’s crotch to grab… Weird.

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve done it. I don’t know if there’s any way to learn it - it’s just something I can do.

I’ve had lucid dreams for ages and didn’t even know there was a name for it until a few years ago.

Anybody else read the title as

“I had a lurid dream!”?
No? Slinks away in shame… :smiley:

I love lucid dreams and I go through phases of trying to have them. I think that one of the difficulties I have with inducing them is that for some reason I’m always very blasé about fantastic things happening in my dreams.

A few examples:

Once I was up on a balcony maybe 10 stories up and some friends called up to me from the ground. Taking the elevator to get to them would have taken too long so I just jumped off. This is a normal reaction for me in my dreams.

Or if I’m dreaming that my friends and I have missed a movie I’ll touch them and bring them back in time with me to see them.

The annoying thing is that I don’t know that I’m dreaming when I do these things!

Very few of the lucid dreams I have had are a result of performing reality checks or noticing something that’s impossible. Mostly, I just suddenly know I’m dreaming for no particular reason or else I “wake up” right before a dream is about to start. Although the first lucid dream I remember having after learning of them was when I remarked to myself, “This is a lot better than my usual flying dreams. … Hey!”
As for prolonging lucid dreams, I’ve read of a few techniques.
One is to close your eyes in spin around a lot. This supposedly makes you focus on the physical sensation of the dream.
Another is to investigate the the objects in your dream up close. So pick up a rock you see and concentrate on the texture of it and the detail you can see. It’s pretty astounding what your brain can come up with.

The problem I have with prolonging lucid dreams is that if you expect to wake up, chances are you will or you’ll have a false awakening. I can’t decide which is more frustrating. So I start lucid dreaming and then worry that I’ll wake up soon. But of course that worry makes it more likely to happen. The trick, I expect, is to just believe that you will continue dreaming and stay asleep. But that’s kind of like trying not to think of a pink elephant.

I use lucid dreams to safely indulge in my very odd fetish/paraphilia – superheroine knockout/peril. It is great fun to concoct different scenarios with Wonder Woman or my heroine Panther Girl (or various other heroines) losing a fight to some villain, getting carried away and captured, etc.

I just wish that I could achieve and retain lucidity every night!