I had capsulotomies today. Wow!

About 30% of people who have had cataract surgery develop fogged lens capsules a few years down the road. Lucky me. I started seeing coronas again many months ago and it got progressively worse. For the past month, I’ve been barely able to do any close work like crossword puzzles, as I couldn’t see the clues or the numbers without a lot of difficulty. Hell, I couldn’t even find the pointer for my mouse much of the time.

Immediately after the laser surgery, which took about five minutes, I noted much improved vision. I can even read online documents without bumping the font size/magnification up significantly. Glad I did it; glad it’s over.

That’s great news, I’m glad it went well for you! I’ve never had the surgery, I’m sure I’ll be a candidate some day. I had no idea about that percentage rate. Is it just luck of the draw or are there factors associated with a higher chance of a reboot, if you will. Anyway, enjoy those crosswords!

Pretty much luck of the draw, from what I can tell.

Yup, happened to me too, but it showed up really quickly, like within a month, but zap zap, gone, and no more issues

The most striking thing is how black the blacks are. Everything is sharp and clear again. They gave me dilation drops prior to the procedure, and as usual, when it took effect it was like looking through a cloud. When the procedure was over, the cloud was completely gone. I can’t believe I was driving with my vision that poor, but it comes on so gradually that you don’t realize how bad it’s getting.