I had my first gig the other night...

I am so geeked! I just successfully did my first gig the other night. You may know from previous posts that I’m a magician. Well, I performed restaurant magic for the first time the other night and it went GREAT! I had a blast, the customers I was performing for were great, and it looks like the restaurant management wants to make it a regular, weekly thing… and most importantly, I’LL GET PAID to do it.

I’m still in awe!

Congratulations on your first gig! The best part, getting paid to do something you clearly enjoy doing.

waaaay cool. IIRC, you’re in Michigan, right? So, where did/are you performing (in case I want to be dazzled)

It looks like I’ll be performing at Coyote Creek Restaurant in Paw Paw, MI. My next gig there will by Oct 28. from 6:30 to 8:30.

Good job…it’s always a blast when you enjoy what it is that you’re doing.
Here’s a good trick for you…go up to someone enjoying their supper and say…Ladies and gentlemen, for my finale, I’ll make this guy’s pie dissapear" Then, eat it.

God I’m clever…someone tell me I’m clever.

Very clever, Jimmy!

Congrats, Drag! That sounds like a great thing! Maybe you’ll get even more gigs from this one!


Congrats, Dragwyr! Break a leg!!!

Thanks, Zette.

That is part of the reason I decided to give it a try. I’ve been studying the art for about 9 years and have recently had quite a few people say that I was good enough to try something like this. I figure that when I hear more than 3 people say the same thing, I had better listen.

From one rip-off artiste to another, good job!

I don’t quite have the confidence to do restaurant work yet, but I perform at informal gatherings all the time and get a good response. I’ll have more time next year, and I might try it then.

If I may ask, what kind of effects are you doing?

Dr. J

Way to go man! Book this under good things happening to good people.
When my kids were younger, I looked into magic - wanted to be the dad/uncle who could pull coins out of kids’ ears, etc. When I found out how much WORK it was to do the simplest manipulation, I quickly lost interest. (Tho it could be argued practicing my palming might be more valuable than the time I spend here!)
Knowing slightly how difficult it is, you have my respect.

Congrats, Dragwyr! I’m currently chasing my dream job (archaeology), so it’s good to see others doing the same!

Doctor J:
Penetraing Rubberbands
$100 bill switch
Twisting the Aces
Tabaray’s ring and string effect
… and others. The above are some of the highlights.

Thanks! It’s been a dream of mine for quite awhile and my day job now allows it. It is a lot of work, but I enjoy learning the moves and seeing the faces of the people I perform for when I do something impossible.