I had peach pie for dinner.

Yum! My parents and I went to a pick-your-own orchard today and bought peaches. Delicious peaches for $.90 a pound. Not cheap, but worth it! I also bought a jar of Damson plum preserves and a couple of pounds of fresh butter beans. I cooked up the butter beans with a ham bone and we had them for supper tonight – along with biscuits and the plum preserves. Mom made a pie and brought it over for dessert. She took the remains back home with her, but left me a slice for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I’m going to make a pie, myself, for the freezer. And a peach cobbler, also for the freezer. Then I’ll keep the rest of the peaches for eating – once they start to turn, I’ll cut them up and put them in bags and freeze them. I prefer frozen peaches to canned.

Peaches are my favorite fruit.

I can’t remember for sure now, I think it was the Tom Bodett book about the one-armed cop that moved to Oregon and took over a peach farm…

I read that book years ago, and promptly developed a wild urge for peaches. Not your garden variety grocery store peaches, but the big, juicy Harry & David ones that dribble yummy peach juice down your chin.

Now, it’s a weakness with me. I just see something like this and I know, I just KNOW I’m headed to the farmer’s market tomorrow to see what’s there, peach-wise.

Thanks a lot Jess. :wink:

Around here, the peaches are still green and rock-hard.

OTOH, I’ve got two raspberry cobblers cooling on the kitchen counter right now. They’ll be at GettysDope tomorrow, until they’re eaten, that is.

That’s the great thing about being a grown-up, I’ve found. You can eat a pie for dinner if you want.

No veggies for me, Ma!

For what it’s worth, I had pie the following morning for breakfast too. I love pie for breakfast.

I ended up making two fabulous looking cobblers for the freezer, using my grandmother’s recipe for the best fruit cobblers in the world. If I ever make it to another Dopefest maybe I’ll bring one.

Damn you. Now I have that PotUSA song stuck in my head.

I’ve never had peach pie. I’m not altogether sure I’d actually like it. I love peaches though. Best when soft and ripe and juicy. I even like the sort you get in the jars with the syrup, but only if there are no good fresh peaches in the offing.

The blueberries are ripe, here! I picked two big baskets of them last weekend, and then I made a batch of fabulous little tarts.

Tonight is blackberry cobbler night, though. :slight_smile:

I had a peach cobbler once in my life. At Macy’s in Atlanta. They served it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and it was the best damned thing I’d ever tasted! I don’t want to ruin the experience by trying to recreate it myself.

But the next best thing is Breyer’s peach ice cream. I buy it frequently. I also like peaches on my pancakes.

That would be Tom Bodette’s American Odyssey. I listened to it this fall and spring in Audio Book form. But the guy with one arm, Ed Flannigan, wasn’t a cop. He’d been a heavy machinary operator before he lost his arm. Then he and his wife and their kids moved from Alaska to Oregon.