I hate a missed opportunity

I’m at a bar/restaurant with a good friend. I can see snow falling in wet clumps through the window to my right. No music is playing and the place is rather quiet for a Saturday night.

I make eye contact with a stunningly beautiful brunette sitting across the room at a table with two guys.

“Wow” I say to myself.

I continue the conversation with my friend, but all the while distracted by this beautiful girl. We make eye contact a few more times, but I am hesitant to go any further than holding her gaze.

In the end, I paid our bill and my friend and I walked out into the snow.

Very mundane, very pointless. But, my goodness, what a truly beautiful girl that was.

So, how was everyone else’s nights?

No missed opportunity for me.

I’m sitting in my living room, IMing my sister, and watching White Christmas on AMC. There’s snow falling and a fire in the fireplace.

There’s taco pizza in the fridge.

I’m content.

Boring as hell. I’m staying up right now because my noisy neighbor has friends over and I know if I try to go to bed, I’m just going to lay there and be irritated.

I hate living in an apartment. I wish my house would get finished.