I Hate 'all Star'!!

This song’s now corny, the band can fucking blow me,
It’s not just over-played it, it’s not de-ad.

It didn’t sound so dumb when-they released the al-bum, but it became too fuck-ing widespread!

NOW, my ears start numbing, cuz’ the-tune’s rerunning,
hacks and tools’, Smash Mouth’s becoming.

It kinda made sense, at first it was fu-un
It climbed the carts, but soon it got du-umb.

SO much, it blew. So much, it reeked!
Man this song’s WAY beyond “peaked”!

Now this band fucking blow, 'cause they’re all radio hoes!

Hey now, this is too far, this song plays all-day.
Hey, NOW you’re a rock star, I hope the popularity fa-des!

Now that-you’ve blown your lo-ad.
Will you leave this so-ng dead and co-oo-old!?

-All Star-

I have heard this song in AT LEAST four movie: A pokemon-like movie for kids, Shrek, Rat Race, and Mystery Men.

I’ve heard it on AT LEAST three TV commercials, (probably more): I think a Nike add celebrating the US women’s soccer team, some children’s commercial, and a recent tostitos (I think) commercial with Jay Leno. Not to mention the thee TV commercials I’ve heard “Walking on the Sun”, also an overplayed Smash Mouth song (‘Wag The Dog’ ad, a car ad, and some other one I can’t remember now). “All Star” has only been out for 4 FUCKING years or so!!

I’ve heard it on radio commercials. I hear it PLAYED on the radio ALL the time! EVEN ON THE OLDIES STATION. I hear it when I’m in the mall, I hear it in the grocery store, I heard it at my dentists today.


I DO change the channel when it comes on the radio… but I JUST CAN’T AVOID IT!

Sorry, but a pit thread this cool cannot be left with 0 replies!

(Even though, here in Britain, I haven’t heard that song in about a year. ‘How You Remind Me’, OTOH, is another story altogether)

I still like it, darn it.

Kinda reminds me of chumbawumba with ‘tubthumping’ except for less amount of time.

[total hyjak]

I love Chariots of Fire

Now that was a cool tune.

[sub]but then they didn’t use it everywhere [/sub]

[/total hyjak]

You know, I liked Smash Mouth before this song. I even like this song for a while. But you’re right. They’ve beaten it way past being a dead horse, to the point that it’s now just a vaguely-horse-shaped grease spot on the driveway. And now I hate them.

I was kind of worried for a second that no one would relpy, thanks bluecanary!

I mean it took me forever to come up with that little song there. I was just blowing off steam. I know the band has good reason, (money and ass), to allow their song to be played all the time.

I just had to vent. Thank You.

Hey, it isn’t Smashmouth’s fault that we’ve got a corporately-controlled music industry that would rather overplay a relative handful of songs than open the door to hundreds of bands out there that are every bit as good as the few dozen that your favorite format plays.

Rage against the corporate machine, not against its pawns. Sheesh.

[Homer Simpson]

I take a whiskey drink,
I take a chocolate drink,
and if I have to pee
I’ll use the kitchen sink…

[/Homer Simpson]

This song has always sounded to me like Smash Mouth sat down and said, “Let’s write a song that will be played in ballparks, movies, and commercials unrelentingly for at least the next decade.” It’s actually a smart move, money-wise; I’m sure they’re pushing the royalties around with bulldozers.

However, I hated the song the first time, and it has not improved with age.

Awwwwwwwww, I love that song, its even bad-ass when done in Karaoke Style.

How do I know, cause I’m a bad-ass when I sing it.

(helps when your drunk)

I know, I know… I really DO understand both the motives of the bands, and the fact that it’s not even NEAR entirely their ‘fault’ the song is grossly overplayed. That’s why I posted the second post.

I was just getting out my frustrations. I in fact would be interested if Smash Mouth came out with something, um… ‘NEW’. I don’t “hate” them as I claimed. We’re just not speaking with each other right now, you know? Smash and I.

All shall be forgiven. If Smash just says they’re sorry, and lets me spend more time with my friends without worrying so much about other groups hitting on me, I would take them back. They would also have to clip their toenails more often. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ABOUT THE STAINS IN THEIR UNDERWEAR! I mean, would it KILL them to take the extra, --what–, ‘2 seconds’ out of their “busy”, money sucking, lives to stay a little bit more ‘tidy’!? I mean, what’s the rush!? It’s not as if they’re making any new music! And I keep telling them that twenty dollar bills just AREN’T as absorbent as REAL toilet paper! And the lead singer alwa–

–Ok, I’m giving out too much info.

Bottom line, I drove over the edge when I went to the dentist and heard it, then came home to hear it on that new commercial. I just had to get it out. :slight_smile:

I think this thread demonstrates the dire need for the “Smashie” smiley! :slight_smile:

I once saw an interview with Smashmouth in which they said they said that they intentionaly wrote this song with Nike commercials in mind.

You are hearing it a lot because that is what it was made for.

I thought it was made for/ first attributed to the movie "Mystery Men, I could have sworn I saw the song’s connection to “Mystery Men” quite a while before I saw it’s connection for the Nike commercial. I’m not 100% sure about that, however. Plus, I’m not sure how long they planned the Nike ad before it aired. I DO know the FIST video of the song had cameos for the movie MM.

I was totally digging the song when it fist came out. I also liked the way they used if for the soccer team (not so MUCH for Nike). I think that was the best Nike ad I’ve seen because women’s sports were so often ignored. I LOST all respect for Nike after their “It’s a woman’s world” ads, which I thought were kinda sexist. I AM, however, an over sensitive, whiny, little complainer when it comes to the media’s portrayal of the sexes. This is all off topic though.

“Walking On The Sun” was also used in commercials to promote the late, lamented FOX show “Firefly.” I rolled my eyes when I heard it used in this way – I don’t hate the song, but it just didn’t sound like it was the right choice. It seemed very hey-let’s-pick-a-catchy-song-at-random.

Yes, “Firefly” fans, there WERE commercials for the show … like, oh, two or something.

The really sad thing about Smash Mouth is the stuff on their first album that never got played on the radio was kick ass. Becoming popular isn’t selling out. Completely changing your style to become more marketable is selling out. That’s exactly what Smash Mouth did.

Actually, I remember seeing a bunch of them during the MLB playoffs. But it’s not like SF and baseball go together like a Trekkie and a sci-fi con.

Isn’t “Walking on the Sun” also used in a SUV commercial, or is my memory playing tricks on me here? (I don’t watch that much TV.)

And here was me, thinking this was a rant against The Snorks. I was about ready to jump in here and defend them.

I am sick of the song too, FWIW.

But I will blame Smash Mouth for writing the song, whoring it out to whoever will pay for it, and most egregeiously, appearing in the aforementioned Tostitos ad to sing a years-old song that pretty much everyone in the US is sick to death of by now.

I hate that commercial. I don’t even know what it’s for - it could be Tostitos, I don’t know - because I’ve changed channels every time it shows up. I can’t believe that some idiot ad executive somewhere is actually thinking “Hey, this ‘All Star’ song is pretty hip and the kids’ll dig it, let’s use it in our new ad! I bet no one every thought to use this song in an ad before, boy, am I fucking clever or what?” in 2002.

The album came out in June of 1999, three and a half years ago. The song was overplayed and completely stupid right away. It became totally irrelevant two and a half years ago. But the lead tool of Smash Mouth is still more than happy to whore himself out to whatever big multinational owns the product being advertised. He personally appears in the ad - it goes beyond simply using the song with permission.

I watched Shrek when the video first came out and realized that I would like the movie much more if it hadn’t had the unbelievabley annoying “All Star” on the soundtrack. This dates the move horribly, and really cheapens it. I can’t believe how dumb it will look in twenty years. Because of the music, I hated Shrek. I can’t wait for the sequel, featuring Shrek skateboarding to “Sk8r Boi” by Avril Fucking Lavigne.

Fuck off, Smash Mouth. If I ever was somewhere and I turned around and saw the singer, my first instinct would be to say “Hey, you’re the fucking All Star guy!” just as I struck him with my fist or a bottle or kneed him in the crotch. Let his entourage (does the guy from Smash Mouth have/deserve an entourage?) kick my ass or sue me, I don’t care. It would be worth it just to hit him once in revenge for “All Star”.

I’d be a hero. I could set up a website pleading for money for my legal defense, and I would have hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first week, all from people who also would have struck the lead singer of Smash Mouth for subjecting them to “All Star”.