I hate April Fools' Day.

Fucking hate it.

A friend of mine made a facebook announcement today that her longtime boyfriend had finally proposed. I don’t know whether to congratulate her or not, because it might just be a “joke”. :dubious:

Humor that relies on “HA HA HA I TOOK ADVANTAGE OF YOUR TRUST IN ME TO MAKE YOU THINK SOMETHING UNTRUE WAS TRUE! YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT TO TRUST ME!” is not funny. And almost all April Fools’ humor is based on this.

It pisses me off. I hate distrusting people.

Good point. I’ve taken to just behaving more naturally odd than usual on April 1. Paradoxically, the result is I end up tricking fewer people than usual because they see me for the peculiarly confused loony that I pretend not to be the other 364.25.

Well, I like the corporate jokes. Last year Johns Hopkins had a great April Fools homepage where they just said “fuck it” and got rid of the “s” - had pictures of maintenance guys taking “s” letters off signs and everything. Very cute.

Friends, those are stupid.

I’m just tired of the pregnancy pranks. Pro tip for anyone considering pulling a pregnancy prank on April Fools’ Day: Try to post it prior to 7 am or so, or you’ll have been beat to the punch by about 400 other people. Better yet, think up something that is actually funny, and post that instead.

Since this isn’t the Happy Thoughts forum, I can’t tell you what I really think of you. Why don’t you step over there unless you are chicken for hugs?

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You know better than to bing that sunshine in here, Shaggy.

Consider yourself rubbed thoroughly in butter and authoritatively spanked with a paddle until you cry out, “Watermelon! For godsakes Watermelon!”
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I don’t do April fools jokes either, but I get a kick out of some of them.

This morning my 13 year old daughter came running out of her room “Justin Beiber’s coming to Ottawa! There’s only 2,000 tickets available and you have to call a special number. But every time they give the number the radio keeps cutting out!”

My wife said “You do realize today’s April 1st, right?”

My daughter sheepishly slinked back into her room and thought it was pretty funny: as did we.

Maggie, I completely agree. Absolutely hate practical jokes of that nature. It really is sad that the only reason a joke like that succeeds is because that subject trusts you enough to not question your honesty or intention.

My brother gave me a fake $10,000 lottery ticket on time as a joke. He really felt like an ass when he realized I was going to split it with him 50/50 and he had to explain it wasn’t real.

A pregnant friend on facebook yesterday offered up her urine for anyone who wanted help pulling a pregnancy prank. That’s just cruel.

Agreed with the people who like the business-level pranks (or the “voice-activated” copier in another thread sounds hysterical), but not the “LOLz, you actually trusted me, sucker!” personal pranks. The lottery ticket one is especially mean. :frowning:

People actually do that? How dispicable.

In other news, good news everybody I’m pregnant. Well not me but the wife is. We’re thinking of Lisa for a girl and Gregory for a boy.

I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.

Dead serious. My default assumption is that most people are being honest and/or genuine most of the time, unless there’s good reason to believe otherwise.

Having to reverse that, even for a day, makes me a Cranky Maggie.

Wanna hear the kicker?? Several months later, he actually hit $10,000 on Powerball.

Spoiling because it’s still the first:

I had two Facebook friends do this one, and both turned out very badly. They both deleted the “I’m pregnant!” posts before it was even noon.
One woman has been trying to get pregnant for ages with no success, and I can’t imagine how she thought this would be funny.
The other is in her late 40s with two college-age kids. Again, not funny.

My mom used to wake me up every April 1st to tell me that it had snowed 8 inches overnight and school was cancelled, and then would tell me “April Fool’s, get out of bed!” about 30 seconds later.


Pregnancy pranks are only funny when guys post them, and not the “we’re pregnant” thing, the “I’m pregnant” thing. Especially when the guy’s had The Snip.

Two of our lifelong singleton friends claimed to have married each other this morning on FB. I demanded pictures. We should get some great photoshop out of them. :smiley:

My last April Fools’ prank took a year to come to fruition. I went to a newspaper box and bought a half-dozen copies of the paper, then filed them away.

The following year, I went back to the newspaper box, stuffed the front page ‘A’ section from the top six papers into the back of the paper with the ads, and replaced them with the front page section from the previous year.

What’s that on your tie?