I hate banks

I walk down to the bank today and find they won’t deposit the check made out to me and my roommate without both our signatures and driver’s licenses. Because clearly the realtors didn’t want us to have our deposit unless we both held hands while cashing the check. You’ll let non-account holding illegal immigrants cash a check with a fake ID and a thumbprint, but no such luck for me.

This is the last in a long string of fucking stupid little things that piss me off.

I want to close my account, but I want to open a new account at another bank, but they’re all fucking closed, because it’s after 3 o clock. 3pm. They’re all open 9-3pm. Who the hell are their customers? Drug dealers? Prostitutes? Who the hell has a job that allows them to bank from 9-3? 9-3, except on Friday, when they’re on til 6, so those fools who work 9-5pm every day have a whole hour to hurry up and drive to the bank and wait in line behind everyone else. If everyone does their business on Friday afternoons, why bother even being open the rest of the week?

Yeah yeah, transactions after 2 won’t be processed until the next day, after 2 on Friday won’t be processed til Monday - ignoring the stupidity of this, I don’t really give a shit. If I was living hand to mouth and I needed my paycheck NOW instead of 9 o clock am tomorrow, I wouldn’t deposit it in the fucking bank.

RGH. That’s it. Next stop, First National Mattress.

Er, I hate to tell you this, but you’re not going to find any bank that will deposit a check made out to more than one person without both person’s signature on it. You should be complaining about the Realtors who made it out to both of you, not the bank.

I hate it when people complain about clichés in terms of non sequiturs.

The last one evar? Oh dear.

Imagine that, they expect both parties the check is payable to endorse it. The horror! What will they think of next? Sorry, but this is one of the more moronic pittings I’ve seen in my tenure here.

I didn’t know any banks still kept ‘bankers hours’. All the banks I know of around here are open until at least 6. Washington Mutual is open 9-6 m-f plus 9a-1p saturday. Sounds like you have sucky banks around your area.

I don’t know where you bank, Ron, but Athena is correct that no bank in the U.S. will allow you (policy-wise; lord knows I can’t vouch for what individual tellers might do) to deposit a check made out to two people without having both of their signatures on the check.

That said, your roommate shouldn’t need to be physically present for you to deposit it. Get him to sign it, sign it yourself, then under your signatures, write the words FOR DEPOSIT ONLY and deposit it in an ATM. It’ll work fine.

When I worked at a bank in high school, I just told people to go out to the car (nudge) where the other party is waiting (wink) and have them sign it too(wink wink).

But only if I knew both people. It was a small town.

If I’m reading the OP correctly, he is saying that the bank is not only requiring both signatures on the check, but for both of them to be present and show ID before the bank will allow the deposit.

My wife and I ran into just this situation recently when she attempted to deposit our tax refund check into her checking account. Made out to both of us, endorsed by both of us, and we both had (separate) checking accounts at the same bank, but they would not deposit it unless it went into a joint account, or unless I drove up there to show my ID.

We’d never had that happen before and I was slightly irked, mostly by the teller’s claim that the requirement was “federal law” (and it well may be, but I was unable to find any mention of this alleged law anywhere). I think it’s more likely that it was a bank policy. (We’ve been customers for many years and have never had any problems with the bank, so I don’t think they singled us out.)

Oh, and I also had the idea to deposit it using the ATM, but the teller specifically warned against this and said if we did, they would mail the check back to us undeposited.

We solved the problem by adding (for the first time in our 11+ years of marriage) each other’s names to our checking accounts. That may not be a suitable solution in the OP’s case, however. It seems to be yet another way banks have found to make life difficult for the people who keep them in business. (Would this be Bank of America, by any chance?)

That is the policy at my financial institution as well. I also cannot deposit a check made out to a minor child into my own account unless the minor child’s name is also on the account. But I don’t bank at a regular bank- we have financial management accounts through our brokerage (Smith Barney, owned by Citi).

Sometimes these things are a drag, but as far as the OP- meh. If all they wanted was an endorsement and ID, then you were lucky. Grow up.

This is what ATMs are for. Half the time I don’t even endorse cheques before they get deposited.

I’ve never had anything refused.

Ron, since you’re relatively new here I’ll save you some grief: there is absolutely no point in complaining about any rule a bank, financial institution or large corporation has, because no matter what it is, the Dopers will take the corporate/financial side over yours every time.

I don’t understand it, I don’t approve of it, but I have DEFINITELY observed it. If you were to complain that your bank manager personally reamed you with a studded, stainless steel dildo when all you wanted to do was purchased a money order, the Dopers would say you should have read the Terms of Service more carefully and advised you to always bring lubricant when visiting your bank.

Hey, complaining about the rules is one thing; acting surprised about them is quite another. You should have read the Terms of Service, and if those terms included an assreaming and you signed the papers anyway, that lube might not be a bad investment.

Also, I’d like to know why you think the OP’s situation constitutes being fucked over by terms and conditions (not being able to cash or deposit people’s checks without their presence or permission ain’t exactly fine print), and what you believe the bank should have done differently in this situation.

I, too am angered when financial institutions follow common sense policies to minimize the danger of theft.


Or, yeah, what Miller said.

As a former bank employee, I have seen a joint tax refund check returned because it was deposited in an account that only had one person’s name on it. It was endorsed properly, but was returned either by government or bank policy as a Check-21 “This is a legal copy of your check” facsimile. They did require id from the non-account individual to be recorded.

No, we generally take the common sense side, if there is one. A check is made out to two people, it’s common sense that one person alone isn’t able to deposit the check, alone, into his personal individual account. The other person has a say in what happens to the check, for all the bank knows, our little buddy Ron was stealing the check from his roommate.

Just a note to the OP: not all banks have a cutoff time, and not all banks close at 3. Before opening an account at a bank, you might want to make sure it fits your needs, rather than bitching and moaning when the bank *you chose * isn’t open the hours you want.

Damn! Where do you bank, dude? I can’t even get a kiss on the cheek from my bank…

I’m flabbergasted by the notion that there’s anyone out there who— unlike the conscientious bankophile Dopers in this thread— hasn’t pored over the sheaf of pages covered with microtext that comprises the ToS, the holy parchment that defines the eternal* rules under which one agrees to be “serviced” by his lending institution. (I’ve committed mine to memory; you may hear me chanting them during my five daily prayers, prostrate on my mat facing Charlotte, NC.)

If you had taken the time to read the whole thing you would know that there are very strict conditions under which you are permitted to complain about being overcharged, underserviced, inconvenienced, or assumed to be a criminal by your bank. If you had read even more closely, enlisting the aid of a magnifying glass and team of lawyers, you would know that those conditions are, in fact, so strict that you are actually never permitted to complain. Instead you are “free” to “take your business elsewhere,” to one of the rapidly-dwindling number of other leviathan banks whose ToS (should you endeavor to read it) will likely look awfully goddamn similar to that of the bank you’ve just abandoned, save for the unique logo on the letterhead.

If you do throw caution to the wind, however, and decide to complain about your bank, perhaps next time you will find a more suitable place to do so than in a forum dedicated to airing complaints.

  • Immutable until such time as the bank decides to change them— which shall happen frequently, unilaterally, and without notice. Thank you and have a great day!

I like the guy who said he tells customers to (wink wink nudge nudge) go out to their car and have their co-signer sign the check (nudge nudge wink wink). The bank is just looking for protection by having both payees sign. The only time that would matter is when the check is indeed being fraudelently deposited, which I’m sure is a tiny, tiny, miniscule fraction of the total number of times both sigs don’t show up. Mostly it’s people being forgetful or careless. so why not be a grownup about these things?

Oh, that’s right, some Dopers have an endless need to hurt others for such mistakes.