"I hate cellphone towers!"-screams Man With Tank. Newslink

Ahhh…nothing like the Demolition Derby!


OK, it’s an armored personnel carrier. But, it’s got treads & is military. And “tank” fits in the Thread Title box.

But why, in the name of Phoebe B Beebee, Wonder Chimp Extraordinaire, cellphone towers?

Was he an affadicinanado of dial phones?

A lover of unobscructed views?

An unemployed linesman?

Well, he is Aussie, so, yeah.

But, more drunk than usual?

Chief officer of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade. I mean, cell towers use microwaves. They fry your brain, man! And they carry mind-controlling signals! Or maybe he’s an extremely ardent lover of music and is just fed up with the interference.

Maybe he’s a beekeeper and puts a lot of stock in the entire “cell phones are anti-bee” camp.


Possibly…do they have cell phones in Antibes? I think we’ve found the real reason.

…or anti-bee.

or not anti-bee.

Later stories suggest that he had worked for Telstra (the Australian telecommunications company) and had suffered an injury. It seems he was fixated on the effects of the radiation from the mobile phone towers:

Not perhaps the most stable personality to have access to a tank.

Or … anti-BEA!

Or half-bee.

“APC” is shorter than “tank”. :slight_smile:

How many non-military would get the abbreviation?

“APC” used to be used in Australia for a combination of drugs that was available over the counter and very commonly used: aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine.