I Hate Clowns

Clowns, are they happy smiling carefree jokesters? Or are they Pasty faced harbingers of terror. I vote for the latter. A recent post I made about people I think should go away, reminded me of my fear of clowns. Maybe I wouldn’t call it fear, more like deep seeded hatred. I know there is other who shares my feelings on clowns. Thos of us who suffer from Clownophobia don’t get to share our terrible stories of those red nosed children of Satan. For this very reason I decided to post this thread. To give those who loathe clowns a chance to share. I have many clown stories; “IT” gave me nightmares for years. My mom and Dad bought me a clown inflatable punching bag one year for Christmas when I was young. It was a good idea, because they knew how much I hate those bastards, but the bag didn’t last long. I promptly tore it apart and taped it to the wall. I hate clowns and I know there are many others that do too. Well, tell your stories here, and let the healing begin:D

[Sigmund Freud]Interesting… szo, tell me how you feel about ze mimes?[/Sigmund Freud]

Do you know that you can get an e-mail address at ihateclowns.com?

It’s true!

I have evilbeth@ihateclowns.com!

They even have an evil clown picture of the day. At least, they say they do–I have never looked at it!

I can’t help but laugh my ass off about this one. Hey mighty_maxx does Kewalin know about this fear? Haha! For real though I mean if you all knew maxx like I know him you couldn’t help but laugh even more. I mean it’s not like he is some small freaky little boy type. Hell I also knew you were afraid of them but I never figured you’d go this public with it hehe. And yeah I’ve gotta admit I share your same deepseeded hatred for those red nosed children of satan also.

Clowns are alternately creepy, depressing or terrifying, depending how old you are and what mood you’re in. Cheerful? Funny? I know of no one who likes them—Satan’s Spokesmodels, is what they are.

I was watching the new season of “Antiques Roadshow” (what’s with the new host’s Ken doll hair, by the way?) and some woman had circus posters. “Well, this one is of a clown, and he always makes people laugh,” the antiquey expert chuckled. Yikes! The image was of a huge, terrifying, leering face straight out of the seventh circle of hell! I’d pay good money to get that OUT of my home!

I understand your revulsion…my son, who is 9 now, was terrified of clowns, and Santa Claus for that matter. Naturally he outgrew his fear of Santa but still hates clowns. When he was tiny, he was afraid of anyone that was wearing gloves. I had to take mine off when I picked him up from the sitter. He also didn’t like any of those character suits. Disney World when he was two or three or four would have been like taking him to Freddie Krugers house.

I’ve got several screaming, crying, clinging to mommy clown stories that I could relate. Even now he isn’t especially interested in going to the circus when it comes to town. He doesn’t want to share the same space with all of those clowns.


I dont like clowns. I’m not really afraid of them, although they can be scary. I dont know why scary movies often involve a clown figure . . . maybe along the same reasoning that the surprise evil man is the town’s minister.

To summarize: racerx does not like clowns for an unknown reason.

For those who do not fear clowns, this link should change your minds…

Clowns are creepy. Maybe it was all those “clown as psycho killer” movies and TV shows that ruined the image for me, but I just find them to be…disturbing.

Didn’t John Wayne Gacy dress up as a clown?

Scary Clown of the Day.

Creepy Clown Gallery–very cool.

Pogo the Clown, a.k.a. John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy’s artwork.

Shakes the Clown, perhaps the only semi-intelligent film ever made by both Bob Goldthwait and Adam Sandler.

The reason that they are scarey is a deep-seated primeval memory that we all have, as this film explains.


Check out the Trailer
( http://us.imdb.com/Trailers?0095444 ), also (but not late at night when you are on your own).

Boy am I gonna get flamed for this one, but I am going to stand up and make a small point in favor of clowns…

stops to duck

What everyone in this thread is railing against are actually AMERICAN-STYLE clowns, ie: those traditionally associated with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Piece of Shit Circus.

Stay with me on this…

Clowning, and circuses in general, are quite different in other parts of the world. “European” style clowning is more about characters, not stupid makeup and fright wigs. I would go so far as to say that American style clowning is an abberation.

Some examples of European style clowning would be Bill Irwin & David Shiner (who were on Broadway), Avner Eisenberg (one man show on Broadway), and maybe even Rowan Atkinson in his “Mr. Bean” character. Charlie Chaplin’s style owes a great deal to European clowning. Cirque du Soleil, although working in a somewhat nouveu style, leans much more toward European clowning than American.

In conclusion, I agree that most American clowns are for shit, mostly because they often have no talent. They seem to feel that putting on a costume is enough, and that they don’t have to actually DO anything. Complete opposite with their European style counterparts - minimal makeup and costumes, but with skills and character galore.

Clowns are evil!
I had someone tell me that clowns started out as a minion of Satan, and they were punished and were made to bring joy and happiness to children.
I don’t care how crazy that sounds, but I believe it.
Like Bart on the Simpsons with his clown bed…Can’t sleep…clowns Can’t sleep…clowns.
But for some strange reason Harleyquinns don’t bother me. That migh have something to do with Batman though.

Well, Grok, you WOULD like clowns, with that name (surprised that an American has heard of him?).

And you do have a point—but I also find “Mr. Bean,” Charlie Chaplin and Bill Irwin about as funny as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Just a matter of taste, I guess.

*Originally posted by Eve *
**Well, Grok, you WOULD like clowns, with that name (surprised that an American has heard of him?).

I am an American. And what are you talking about? Ever read Heinlein? My handle has not a durn thing to do with clowns.

Really? Grok (or Grock) was a famous 19th century European clown. I’d presumed that’s what your moniker was . . .

Nope, never read Heinlein, but I’ve been told he makes a good beer.

Hmm, got me on that one. OK, well I’ll look up Grock. And if I may suggest, you might try reading “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

I don’t hate clowns, but clowns scare me. Clown dolls terrify me.

How the hell is an ault supposed to act around a clown when he/she won’t turn of his/her schtick?

Damn you Poltergeist and It!

[Penelope Keith stuffy English accent on]

Well, thank you very much.

[Penelope Keith stuffy English accent off]

Now I’ve got to go boil my eyeballs and get a lobotomy to rid myself of THAT image!

Hateing clowns is all very well and good.

You’d better just hope the clowns dont start hateing you.